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1 year ago on 05/26/2020 at 10:18 AM

We need to have a couple bicycles serviced in Park Ridge. I’m looking for a locally-owned small business to support for tune-ups and repairs. Who do you use? Gif for attention.

1 year ago on 05/25/2020 at 9:03 AM
1 year ago on 05/25/2020 at 7:49 AM

We have ordered a number of different “family meals” from local restaurants during the past 2 months in Park Ridge. Yesterday we ordered from Zia’s In Edison Park and it was one of the best! Over the years, we have had so many amazing meals and events there! Please continue to support all our local restaurants so...

1 year ago on 05/22/2020 at 10:01 PM

Do you have the next J in Park Ridge. K Rowling in your house? Storytelling is a great outlet for students to express themselves and be creative. iAchieve Learning is happy to announce we are having a "Summer Young Writer's Workshop". Thi...

1 year ago on 05/22/2020 at 8:03 AM

Dick Pond Athletics invites you to participate in our VIRTUAL Global Running Day on June 3 to benefit Mercy Home for Boys & Girls within Park Ridge. Purchase a commemorative pint glass for $10 and 100% of the proceeds from the glass will be donated. You can also simply make a donation to benefit Mercy Home. From 6-7:30pm on June 3, swing by Dick P...

1 year ago on 05/21/2020 at 9:34 PM

Admin if not allowed please remove in Park Ridge. For all the local businesses who are attempting to reopen and need PPE for their staff, my company Carstens has disposable Face Shields for sale. We’re located right in Harwood Heights and have been...

1 year ago on 05/19/2020 at 5:41 PM

UPDATE: Animal is in good hands with Amanda and will receive care from her aunt(veterinarian) close to Park Ridge! Another couple came by also and volunteered to keep the kitten after it receives the vet care. Thank you for the amazing community support!

1 year ago on 05/17/2020 at 3:44 PM

Support local businesses by Park Ridge! Cucina 3 at Cumberland and Lawrence is phenomenal! Food is delicious and service is fast!

1 year ago on 05/17/2020 at 9:38 AM

Looking for a great gift in Park Ridge. even for yourself. made this for my daughter listing her favorite hiked trails. Support a vet! Patriotic Frog Check his site for some amazing woodwork.

1 year ago on 05/14/2020 at 3:07 PM

💙Please, please, please support Hill’s Hallmark in Park Ridge. 💙 They make huge donations to our Presbyterian Church rummage sale every year which directly fund Maine Township Food Pantry, Avenues to Independence, WINGS and several other support agencies! >>>>...

1 year ago on 05/13/2020 at 8:43 AM
1 year ago on 05/13/2020 at 12:47 AM
1 year ago on 05/11/2020 at 5:55 PM

Huge shout out to Marlene Kenney in Park Ridge! She has done another great job. I’ve had her hem pants and dresses, make a baby blanket, she’s great at medical masks and caps but now does bags for the corn hole game. The last time I bought a re...

1 year ago on 05/11/2020 at 9:41 AM

WOW! Nonna Silvia's you outdid yourselves near Park Ridge! Our Mother’s Day dinner was SO DELICIOUS and plentiful! We could not believe all of the food we received! All of this and more! Not pictured: the salad and the mashed potatoes. Thank you for offerin...

1 year ago on 05/08/2020 at 11:41 AM

Happy Friday everyone in Park Ridge! Posting a big thanks today to all in our community for their continued support. As a token of our appreciation, we will continue our drive to get 2 service dogs into the hands of local vets, 1 through...

1 year ago on 05/08/2020 at 7:33 AM

I highly recommend Peggy Casey and Tumbleweed Flower Design within Park Ridge. She's does beautiful work. Local too, please support!

1 year ago on 05/07/2020 at 9:23 AM
1 year ago on 05/06/2020 at 4:41 PM

Just ordered one of these AWESOME CandyGrams from Diane Hardy within Park Ridge! I ordered a Grad one but she has so many different options. They are filled with every type of chocolate, candy, cookie you can think of - my cousin is gonna flip when this shows up on his door step! ...

1 year ago on 05/04/2020 at 11:50 AM

Good morning and happy Monday within Park Ridge! Tonight we are featuring our 20 piece chicken special on the flyer below. Also reminding everyone of our family BBQ Package tomorrow as well. Thanks for all of your support, as we were also able to fe...

1 year ago on 05/04/2020 at 10:32 AM

We’ve been intentional about supporting as many local restaurants as possible these days within Park Ridge. what is the BEST - “wow! that was surprisingly delicious! ” thing you’ve ordered during the quarantine? We will choose from your recommendations and give it a shot tonight!

1 year ago on 05/03/2020 at 9:43 PM

Hi friends and neighbors in Park Ridge! I am a lifelong resident of PR, MSHS '17, and current UIUC junior home from college. I have some exciting news to share! Some of you may know I've been creating custom banners and lawn sign boards. I ...

1 year ago on 05/03/2020 at 3:33 AM

Looking for firewood. Anyone selling? I’d love to support local. Thanks!

1 year ago on 05/01/2020 at 9:15 AM
1 year ago on 04/30/2020 at 12:30 PM

On the Library's new blog, PRPL Focus, they've shared a few messages from our Park Ridge business owners. Let's support all our neighbors as much as we can in the days and weeks ahead.

1 year ago on 04/29/2020 at 12:44 PM

Hi everybody! I am Jenny from Accents By Jenny Flowers and Gifts around Park Ridge. Just stopping by to let everyone know that we WILL be reopening May 1st for free contactless local delivery and contactless pickup. Please like our page Accents By Jennyfor the latest news and special...

1 year ago on 04/28/2020 at 8:17 AM

I raised my family here in Park Ridge and I took a shot at becoming a local merchant. I would love to stay and be part of the wonderful upturn we have seen in the shopping district. But I need your help! If you are walking by and see something you like, give us a call. I can give you p...

1 year ago on 04/28/2020 at 7:15 AM
1 year ago on 04/27/2020 at 10:50 AM

Can we do a small business thread for Mother’s Day gifts in Park Ridge? Locally made gifts? Would love to support small, local business this year. 🌷

1 year ago on 04/27/2020 at 7:32 AM
1 year ago on 04/26/2020 at 6:44 AM

It’s my nephews 1st birthday tomorrow and I goy nothing by Park Ridge! Obviously we can’t celebrate like we would but our plans have changed and we are now doing a drive by/ drop off no contact thing. Before I try a target run any local stores have chunky puzzles or dr...