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That is roughly . 5% of the population of park ridge, based off a quick Google search from a 2018 census. Half of one percent.

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Kate Antosz Powerful demonstration of what 1% looks like. 💔

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Are you guys going to stay locked up in your houses forever ?

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. 005% of park ridge.

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Jim, that is a great article. I am not sure if the article is pro opening or not. To me the interesting thing is, if 22 states started to open up more than 2 weeks ago, it was predicted to be a huge spike. I have not seen or read anything like that except FLA where they opened beaches. There has to be a huge spike because people are coming out of hiding. I thought the shelter in place was to allow hospitals to regroup and catch up (not overwhelm) I mean we know everyone who is going to die of this is going to die, just a matter of when they "come out". I thought the shelter was in order so that MORE deaths would not occur simply because there were not enough ventilators and until we had a handle on how to treat. TOTALLY just fact finding here.

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According to IDPH at least 78 cases arefrom nursing homes in Park Ridge . Those poor ppl never left their houses. . http://www.dph.illinois.gov/.../long-term-care-facility

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All i can think of with the nursing homes is the elderly must also be more vulnerable somehow to catching it as well as being suseptable to succumbing to it.

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Open up the country. If you don’t want to go out then stay home. This is ridiculous now

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The entire point of locking down was to make sure the ER’s don’t get overloaded. We are going to have to open up. I feel like those that can continue to work from home should and those that must go in should. Social distancing and being aware of cleanliness is important. I was amazed at the low stock of hand soap when this first happened (were people not washing their hands?! ) many have said that it is likely we will all get it. We have friends that had it and didn’t have a clue (no fevers) until their child showed up with spots on their feet 3 weeks later (and this was my ultra clean A type personality friend 😳) We can’t stay locked in forever. There are worse things than Covid and quarantine is also killing people. I know just about equal number of people myself that have died from both covid and suicide. All around sad. This is not living, this is existing.

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It’s true, but we can’t live in fear either. One way or another we’re going to get it. It is what it is unfortunately.

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The problem is the virus is with us now and it will be forever. Someday in the future we probably will have vaccine, but for a months, maybe years we need to learn how to live with it - and I dont think that prolonged hiding is the right solution

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Coo coo, Wendy or is it Karen?

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Next stage. Dress up like sheep, and put your left foot in. BaaBaabaa You don't LOCK UP the Healthy. you make a pest tent for the sick.

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I’m sorry I can’t believe any of the numbers this governor is throwing out. They are counting every death in Illinois as covid related without even knowing for sure. He’s using this pandemic to increase the numbers, file bankruptcy for the city, bet federal funding, and not have to pay the pension debt. He’s full of complete you know what. I’m not saying this isn’t a deadly disease, I’m not saying that people aren’t dying from it. But what I am saying is this guy is a liar and is using this to get what he wants.

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Also, it is not about getting your hair done. I used to be a hairdresser. A large percentage of the hairdressers are single moms or families dependent on their income, with no benefits. Some even have special needs kids. It is frightening. I could care less about people getting their hair done. It is about livelihood.

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People lined up around Wrigley Field, for food. And what if there is no reasonable reason to wait when we see other states open up.

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Many European countries had TRUE shut downs. People could literally not leave their home for exercise, walks, gardening or anything. They could only leave to grocery shop or go to pharmacy or emergency MD appt. People were stopped by police and needed to prove that they were out for an important reason. It's been much easier for the US since we were never told we weren't allowed to go outside into the fresh air. We just need to hold on a little longer.

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196 cases *** but how many hospitalizations? *** Cases will go up and up. Where is the antibodies testing? How many had it since December in park ridge already? We flattened the curve. Done. The economy is destroyed. pritzker is holding the state hostage for a pension bailout without reform. We can't all work from home. Time to open up. If you are a lawyer @jimargionis and can work from home then stay home. Give your $3, 400 stimulus check to a family whose livelihood was destroyed by the shutdown. 196 cases is evidence to reopen.

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Fauci. "Opening schools in the fall may be a bridge too far".

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The other thing that is puzzling. The only place open has been grocery stores and Home Depot. They did not require masks for months. Why no outbreak of employees? I am not necessarily saying I don't believe Fauci or Trump, I just think they have to be overly cautious to cover their butts. It is their job to do that. It is for us to question.

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You think fewer Americans are doing it now ? Wait a month. wearing masks in 90 degree heat. will not happen

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Patricia Elster Krkljes Read this article, it basically explains it. BIG space, HIGH ceilings, NOT crowded helps a lot. Also, other than a fellow employee, anyone who is infected is only going to spend a limited amount of time in there and may not get very close to any employee for very long. . https://www.erinbromage.com/.../the-risks-know-them-avoid