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"Tinaharpoldphotography. com"

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"Dimensions? If I can't use the doors, I'm still interested in the knobs! "

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"Make your own. Recipes vary greatly, but some of my favorite non-fruit items to add: apple juice, brandy, peach schnapps, cinnamon sticks. "

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"How many hours per week? "

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"Lettucedonations. com"

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"If you can't get custom insoles, I highly recommend the ones from rei. They have several different options (color coded) and you can try them out (no packaging. just individual insoles) to make sure i..."

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"Waxberg's Walk Shop"

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"There's a pillow top with a built in bridge. You won't even feel it. (That's how versace's mega bed works. it's just 2 California king size mattresses put together and the special pillow top with a li..."

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"Summit specialtees"