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"Yes it is"

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"Solicitations are allowed if the solicitors are vetted and registed with the city. Please contact the Police Dept. at 847-318-5252 they will be a better able to answer your questions. "To prevent doo..."

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"The test will be when they put the garbage cans back on the parkway as opposed to leaving them all strewn about the street"

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Groot absolutely sucks near Park Ridge!

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"It's a shame when your water bill is your most expensive utility bill, sorry but the grass is going to die. "

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"Steak Diane. "

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"With ARC if I had more household waste I would use my yard waste container which had the sticker on the top for yard waste but I would leave the cover Open and they would still take both carts this wa..."

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"@John. Thank You"

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""Groot will be delivering new refuse and recycling carts to residences beginning the week of April 25. You will receive 1 refuse and 1 recycling cart that are the same sizes that you currently have. I..."

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"Thanks Matt , Yes I read that. The Groot web site does indicate the purchase of stickers for the communities they service. Park Ridge is not indicated as of yet. "

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"We've seen that with the bridge over Touhy ave"

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