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"Consider getting tested at Jefferson. "

10 months ago on 04/25/2017 at 2:08 PM

"Let them keep flying under the radar. Once the city sees a blip, the hammer comes down quickly"

10 months ago on 04/24/2017 at 8:36 PM

"Would it be too far of a stretch to send our teens to Iceland? A summer vacation for adults and kids alike"

10 months ago on 04/24/2017 at 8:33 PM

"Good to trust your gut"

10 months ago on 04/24/2017 at 7:37 PM

"Doesn't just blow PRPD away, it blows FFC away too"

10 months ago on 04/21/2017 at 9:50 PM

"I can see this being an issue if the wrong tenants came in. What are the repercussions if the short term tenant was unruly toward neighbors. In my head those who use these services are the stranded pa..."

10 months ago on 04/18/2017 at 10:17 PM

"It's a safety net much in the same way a college student losing their job can move back in with mom & dad. Except too many people think their parent's basement is a permanent residence. "

10 months ago on 04/18/2017 at 9:45 PM

"Guessing Bob didn't "feel the Bern" �"

10 months ago on 04/18/2017 at 1:32 PM

"The forest preserve is great except when the areas under major intersections are filled with water"

10 months ago on 04/17/2017 at 5:15 PM

"Please help me fill in the blanks, but in the elementary school, hot lunch isn't served every day and even so it is paid a month prior to being served. We haven't participated mostly b/c our kids were..."

10 months ago on 04/15/2017 at 3:36 PM

"Maybe the police will give you a spike strip"

10 months ago on 04/14/2017 at 4:34 PM

"Did you talk to Debbie Majchszak? She works on Sibley and is a wiz at that sort of thing. (847) 692-3247. dmajchszak@prparks. org They are closed today with the holiday, but unless she's the 1 person,..."

10 months ago on 04/06/2017 at 3:35 PM

"I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get it rezoned as a Dr's office �"

10 months ago on 04/06/2017 at 12:54 PM

"They were "underperforming" and didn't get the anticipated traffic"

10 months ago on 04/04/2017 at 6:54 PM

"Very few people run the gamut down a particular line. There are Catholics who are pro choice and Democrats who believe in gun rights. "

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"I've got 2 boxes I'd be willing to part with if you want the real thing. "

11 months ago on 03/23/2017 at 10:39 AM

"If this hasn't been resolved yet, some JB Weld will help stop the leak until you can have somebody come take a look. It's basically a moldable putty which you can put on the seem and will harden. "

11 months ago on 03/23/2017 at 10:26 AM

"Brunswick has a Groupon. "

11 months ago on 03/23/2017 at 10:24 AM

"Not that complicated to DIY with string & fire. YouTube it first and see what's involved"

11 months ago on 03/23/2017 at 7:03 AM

"So my FIL's college just put pizza in a vending machine. This now requires one person working 4hrs to maintain it so it pumps out an unlimited supply of pizza's to students every 24 hrs. Wendy's and M..."

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"Do you remember the hoops Whole Foods had to jump through to get into Park Ridge? The missed revenue when the Casino came to our border. I'm wondering too about the 100% water tax going to the city of..."

11 months ago on 03/09/2017 at 9:21 PM

"Any idea what's attracting this unwanted attention? "

1 year ago on 01/11/2017 at 10:25 AM

"The Frosty Penguin has good burgers, although they are seasonal"

1 year ago on 01/10/2017 at 5:09 PM

"Any health club is worth the money if you actually go. "

1 year ago on 11/30/2016 at 8:27 AM

"Here's one"

1 year ago on 11/29/2016 at 5:21 PM

"Where are you going to get this done? "

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"Religion and politics are not things to be discussed lightly b/c each side strongly defends their position. It's like people bad mouthing Hillary think her supporters are going to vote Trump on Novemb..."

1 year ago on 09/22/2016 at 10:48 AM

"Odin & those elves need to swing by the 7-Eleven on Northwest Highway which was robbed yesterday at gunpoint. "

1 year ago on 09/21/2016 at 3:56 PM

"Was this local OPM label in reference to the FEMA grant our FD just received. or something else? There was an GOP attack add toward Mary Marwig and it made me laugh when it said her "property taxes we..."

1 year ago on 09/11/2016 at 7:37 PM

"Royal Oak in Harvard (not open Sundays)"

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