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"We really like Lamantia from Brookfield. "

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"Clearly educating the public on the city's tax bill and what is and is not realistic would be a good start. Our school districts are the majority of tax bills and teacher and administrator contracts a..."

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"A few more details on how yOu plan to do all this. Parking always a challenge for attracting retail. Lower employee turnover a challenge as well as paying for infrastructure while maintaining property..."

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"Thanks for posting. It's nice they choose the north shore as their peer group for comps. I get the CPI adjustment. Personally not too happy about market adjustments. At some point ouR tax bills can on..."

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"Exactly so unless teacher negotiations are public if that is what people are looking for they shouldnt vote for the next referendum. Let the board and district figure out how they can pay for those be..."

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"People should not vote for school referendums unless they get the information they want publicized. Seems only fair if we are paying the bill. School boards and teachers negotiate our tax bills behind..."