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2 years ago on 05/12/2017 at 9:53 PM

"I heard about this from my niece that goes to ME. How awesome! "

2 years ago on 03/21/2017 at 10:34 AM

"I would try a functional/holistic dr vs an Endo. I've not had luck with any endos. "

2 years ago on 03/12/2017 at 5:31 PM
2 years ago on 11/26/2016 at 8:44 PM

"I used to have an iPhone and switched to a Samsung s6 last year. I don't think I'll ever go back to Apple products. "

2 years ago on 08/29/2016 at 3:18 PM

"We were told we'd get something in October. "

2 years ago on 08/27/2016 at 5:57 PM
3 years ago on 04/11/2016 at 1:14 PM

"I just saw some at Sams club. "

3 years ago on 04/11/2016 at 12:08 PM

"Went to MTL today for help with my fabric buttons for ottomans I'm recovering. they were amazing and super helpful. He tried helping me with the kit I brought in and they wouldn't work for him either..."

3 years ago on 04/10/2016 at 12:51 PM
3 years ago on 02/22/2016 at 7:12 AM

"Yes, it's specific to what you have and packaging will say it. Also, if you're buying Disney infinity 3. 0, only figures from Disney 2. 0 and 3. 0 will work on it. Figures from Disney 1. 0 won't. I ho..."

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Video game question.

3 years ago on 01/27/2016 at 4:22 PM
3 years ago on 01/25/2016 at 4:50 PM
3 years ago on 01/24/2016 at 11:15 AM

"Farrah Focht Chiovari"

3 years ago on 01/24/2016 at 11:15 AM

"Shark. Bought mine from Sam's club and it came with a floor steamer. "

3 years ago on 01/12/2016 at 10:16 AM

"Ninja. I got mine at sams club. And their customer service is great. "

3 years ago on 01/09/2016 at 3:33 PM

"Farrah Focht Chiovari"

3 years ago on 12/28/2015 at 11:50 AM
3 years ago on 12/26/2015 at 7:38 PM

"Anyone can come in and see them. If they ask, just tell them what you're here for. "

3 years ago on 12/23/2015 at 8:27 AM
3 years ago on 12/20/2015 at 6:28 PM

"Yes, they do. "

3 years ago on 12/16/2015 at 7:04 PM
3 years ago on 12/15/2015 at 7:46 PM

"Groupon has a deal for Staples. I've ordered several times now. "

3 years ago on 12/05/2015 at 9:15 AM

"I use a chalkboard to leave my son "messages" from his elf, Buddy and only move him when he goes to sleep at night. Except for last night when he didn't fall asleep until late and I was too tired and ..."

3 years ago on 12/04/2015 at 6:52 PM

"Idk if it's still there, but Groupon just had a deal. "

3 years ago on 12/04/2015 at 2:15 PM

"I love my shark. I've never had a Dyson though. "

3 years ago on 12/04/2015 at 2:08 PM

"Manny Mahdavian"

3 years ago on 12/01/2015 at 10:15 AM
3 years ago on 11/30/2015 at 1:36 PM

"I've been trying to find a new "go-to" grocery store for a while now because of the high prices, low quality, and cleanliness. And I've been to quite a few Marianos and they all seem to have gone down..."

3 years ago on 11/28/2015 at 1:54 PM
3 years ago on 11/11/2015 at 8:15 AM

"I just bought a Honda Odyssey that seats 8. I love it. "