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"How about reminding her kids at that moment with "what do we say to the nice young lady? " If taught property, they'd know to respond with a polite "thank you. " If not, then take the cones away. By f..."

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"Hi Maureen, I'm a real estate agent with Century 21, Elm Realtors in Pk Ridge. I'd love to chat and stop by to meet and give you an estimated fair market value on your property. I'll pm you with my co..."

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"I have an LG HE top loader no agitator which uses very little water. I don't think it gets the clothes clean with that small amount of water. I usually do an extra rinse cycle. My next machine will be..."

2 years ago on 02/20/2017 at 7:53 PM

"Releev OTC cold sore treatment. Pricey but works wonders! "

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"I'm a full time real estate agent in Pk Ridge and know the area very well. Please PM me with any questions. You can check my reviews on line. �"

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"Been to Baker House for brunch. Beautiful Victorian setting on the Lake. Tuscan Tavern and Grill in Lake Geneva was very good for dinner. "

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