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Has anyone used 3 Day Blinds within Park Ridge? Any feedback or recommendations on where to get white wood blinds for windows? Thanks!

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Anyone know if Renditions framing is selling their existing inventory around Park Ridge? I was interested in a picture in the window but just noticed they are permanently closed. 😢

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A few weeks ago my husband found kittens in our window well while leaf blowing by Park Ridge. The noise scared the momma cat away. Momma cat came back that night and moved 3 kittens but left 3 that we have taken in and are caring for until they are old enough to go to new homes. Now the momma ...

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Looking for someone who can do window decorations as far as painting window art in Park Ridge. looking to warm up the business with some pretty xmas window decor :) Thanks

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So I just drove past a cargo van with the back windows whited out and spray painted free candy on BOTH sides of the van in Park Ridge. The van was parked in the driveway of a house on oakton right across from Emerson middles school. There thankfully was a police officer already looking and checking it out. It’s mostly a white van a...

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Coyote right outside my kitchen windows by Park Ridge. Southwest Woods at Western and Bonita.

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Looking for the best place to order custom drapes around Park Ridge. I have a super long window in my front room and ideally I’d like someone to come to my house and do it all for me. 💅🏻

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Need some help! I have a tiny black kitty meowing outside my window nearby Park Ridge. I am crazy allergic to cats and have a six month old puppy zapping all my energy so can’t keep the kitty. Any suggestions for how to help her? My husband said he thought there were two a couple of d...

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My tomato plants are still going strong, unfortunately with the 30° night temps coming what do I do with all the large green tomatoes and small cherry ones too in Park Ridge? Do you pick them and put them on the window to ripen or are they a lost cause? I have not had them going this late into the season before. Thank you!

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Looking for new windows, call Don in Park Ridge. 847. 456. 7332. They really help transform a room.

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Good evening, friends in Park Ridge! I work at Floyd’s near Higgins & Cumberland and we had a bit of a weird situation tonight. A strange guy (probably 5’10”-6’, pretty stocky, buzzed grey hair and no teeth) was standing outside ...

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Distribution company (Wheeling, IL) specializing in selling and leasing of power plant equipment seeks a full time experienced administrative/accounting clerk by Park Ridge. Monday to Friday 8:30-5. Great, stable company with many long-term employees and very low employment turnover. Ideal candidate will have prior experience in billing, accounts payable and other related...

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Fall has arrived! Time to turn off the a/c and open the windows around Park Ridge! Please message me for any window screen replacement or repair needs you may have! We are a small local business offering free in home estimates, free pick up and delivery, quality work, quick turnarou...

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Where can I go shopping for stained glass in Park Ridge? I'd love something for my kitchen window.