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Although it looks like I’m sneezing in the video I’m actually talking about swimming pool safety within Park Ridge. Check out the video and find out how dangerous power lines are over your swimming pool. Call Arnold Electric Services, Inc at 773-647-1120 or find us online at www. arnoldelectricchicago. com to ask u...

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The Last Friday Night Fun Till September FRIDAY NIGHT FUN 5-12 YEARS Parents, treat your kids to a night out by Park Ridge. Join our enthusiastic staff for an evening filled with swimming, gym, crafts, snack and more! 6:00-9:00 PM $12 Member/$17 Non-Member 987 Civic Center Dr. Niles Illinois 60714 847-588-8400 or www. nile...

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FREE CLASS this Sunday 04/07 @ 1:00pm around Park Ridge! Non-Toxic Living & Essential Oil Education followed by COMPLIMENTARY Open Swim for your kids after ✨ Goldfish Swim School in Park Ridge Comment or send me a message to RSVP.

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Kids looking to join a swim team in Park Ridge? Lattof Neptunes Swim Team is having try-outs! Either Thursday, March 28th 5:30-6:30pm OR Tuesday, April 9th 5:30-6:30pm. No need to register- show up at Lattof YMCA with suit, goggles and towel. My th...

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Any advice for this soon to be traveling Mom of an 11 year old and 16 month old (who will be on my lap) by Park Ridge. Looking for an inflatable pool ring to pack on our trip or possibly a swim vest for my little guy. Any good recommendations? Also, I have never flown with a stroller and we do have a layover each way....

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Has anyone sent their kids to the Niles Park District voyagers camp in Park Ridge? Looking for feedback for a 5 year old. Choosing days/weeks and swim lessons are what I’m looking for this summer. Thanks

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Our son currently attends Swift Aquatics for team swim in Park Ridge. Looking for opinions on Glenbrook Swim Club. How do the two compare?

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Has anyone done private swim lessons through the Park Ridge park district with their kids? I am very unhappy at Goldfish. My son has been “one skill” away from moving up for months, and most of the other kids in his class are half-drowning. He is so close to graduating from lessons alto...

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Darling daughter just found out she starts her swimming unit in gym on Wednesday near Park Ridge! Her swimsuit doesn’t fit😞 Anyone know if Target or Costco have suits out yet?

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Summer Is Not Around the Corner But Our Spring Group Swim Lessons Are in Park Ridge! Now is the time to ready for your child for all the water activities to come Member Registration Monday, February 18 Open Registration Wednesday, February 20 Registration Closes Monday, March 4 GROUP ...

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Need recommendations on where to go for lap swimming near Norridge in Park Ridge. I am just a beginner, so I don't need to be swimming next to Olympians! 😂

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I have a question for FFC members with kids around Park Ridge. If you take your child to family swim and they are of the opposite sex. What do you do to change out of their wet clothes? I saw a sign in the locker rooms that said no children of the opposite sex al...

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HELP! Our jacuzzi (brand) tub is leaking somewhere and water is coming through the ceiling in our kitchen in Park Ridge. Was told in the past no leak was found, but there is, and it continues to pose a problem. Anyone “got a guy” who specializes in jacuzzi tubs that can come take a look before our kitchen turns into...

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My son lost a fitness tracker last wed during his swim class at the main pool near Park Ridge. He put it on the side of the pool and forgot. Turquoise, little dirty I guess. Anyone? Pool people did not find it :(

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2 part question: My 8 year old loves swimming and I think she would enjoy a swim team in Park Ridge. She is an okay swimmer but would need some professional lessons. 1) best place to take her for swim lessons 2) advise on a beginner swim team Thanks in advance!

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Considering recommendations for a private swim instructor at the Park Ridge Park District for a 5 year old girl who has been going to Goldfish (and previously Big Blue). I loved these schools but would like more one-on-one attention and focus on form and breathing techniques. Thank you!

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So question about my 3 year old son (turns 4 in January) and freak outs during bath time around Park Ridge. My son has for the past year/year and half been afraid to get water in his eyes and to a lesser extent his ears. Every day that bath time comes around, he just starts screaming and crying thinking abo...

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Complimentary children's swim lessons today at FFC Park Ridge from 12-4pm! Non-members ESPECIALLY welcomed! This is all a part of our open house today celebrating FFC's 34th anniversary. We have also DRASTICALLY dropped our Swim School prices for members and non-members alik...