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9 hours ago on 10/19/2018 at 9:55 AM

Thanks to all the local houses with awesome Halloween decorations and inflatables in Park Ridge! Every time we get into the car my 3 year old makes me drive to every single house with inflatables! We can’t just drive by either. We have to stop and talk about them or exit the car! Some of them I...

10 days ago on 10/09/2018 at 11:25 AM

What stores sell single ceramic tiles nearby Park Ridge? I need to try to find a match for a cracked tile I have in my kitchen.

25 days ago on 09/23/2018 at 11:13 PM

Any single parents out here? nearby Park Ridge! Visit the fastest growing local community for unmarried parents! We provide free family friendly activities for our members at Sky Zone, Raging Waves, Game Works, AMC Theaters, Skat...

1 month ago on 09/15/2018 at 12:34 PM

Listen up singles and single parents near Park Ridge! We have a new group for you that will hopefully bring together individuals looking to create new friendships and lasting relationships. This is NOT your typical dating site. We are trying to create an...

1 month ago on 09/11/2018 at 11:11 AM
1 year ago on 05/11/2017 at 9:55 AM

You Do Not need to be a member to take advantage of our wonderful group fitness classes on land or in the water Non-members: GROUP ”EX” EXPRESS CARD OPTION: includes all Group Exercise, Spinning, and Specialty classes 10 CLASS EXPRESS CARD: $80 Resident ($8 in Park Ridge. 00 per class) $89 Non-Resident ($8. 90 per class) 20 CLASS EXPRESS CARD: $154 Resident ($7. 70 per class) $162 Non-Resident ($8. 10 per class) 30 CLASS EXPRESS CARD: $222 Resident ($7. 40 per class) $...

1 year ago on 04/21/2017 at 8:11 PM

I'd like to hear your opinions on short term room rentals in single family homes in Park Ridge. For 4 years we rented out a room in our house without a single complaint. This Monday City Council will vote whether to allow this practice to continue or not. We would appreciate your feedback.

1 year ago on 04/07/2017 at 3:55 PM

The Park Ridge Newcomers are so proud to call Maureen Woods Hartwig a member! She is the genius behind the yard sign recycle program. She single-handedly organized the sign collection effort which is getting so much praise around Park Ridge. Thank you, Maureen, for helping us a...

1 year ago on 02/24/2017 at 4:39 PM

St. Paul of the Cross Electronics Recycling Event Saturday, March 4 & Sunday, March 5 9 a by Park Ridge. m. - 12 p. m. Parish Life Center The Servants of St. Francis will be partnering with Recycling Avenue, a free service that recycles small electronics while providing employment opportunities for adult...

1 year ago on 02/21/2017 at 3:47 PM

So I have been doing my research on Park Ridge mayoral candidates and found that one of the candidates — Lucas Fuksa — is a commercial real estate attorney which raised a whole bunch of red flags. I have dug up with some highly concerning information and feel the need to share. It appears that Lucas Fuksa has some wealthy developer donors to his campaign whom he will be beholden to if he is ele...

1 year ago on 02/19/2017 at 8:41 AM

Recommendations for a step garbage can that the dog cannot open nearby Park Ridge! Every single one I purchased, my two dogs can manage to lift up! Every night I have to put a stool on top of the garbage can so they don't get in there and dig!

1 year ago on 01/10/2017 at 10:59 AM
1 year ago on 11/14/2016 at 10:54 AM

Looking for a single family home in Park Ridge that needs some TLC/updating. NOT on a busy street. At least 3 bedrooms the worse the condition of the home the better! Anyone looking to sell soon or any estate sales coming up? Please PM me!

2 years ago on 10/17/2016 at 8:06 PM
2 years ago on 10/17/2016 at 10:21 AM
2 years ago on 10/14/2016 at 6:40 PM

It is not to early to start thinking about repairing or purchasing a snowblower in Park Ridge. Temperatures are beginning to fall. As much as we don't want to admit it, winter is right around the corner. If you have an old snowblower that needs some work we can help. My boyfriend is an experien...

2 years ago on 09/30/2016 at 11:04 PM

Info and thoughts on plantar fasciitis The last week my right heel is so painful within Park Ridge. Feels better after I've slept. Any remedies that work. What can I try for relief besides icing and resting. Hard to do that as a single mother of 2 kids under 9 ����

2 years ago on 09/10/2016 at 9:49 PM

Can anyone tell me about any singles get togethers in the area near Park Ridge? I've never done this, but I think I need to get out! I met a great guy on Match, dated for 3 1/2 yrs, but broke up about 6 months ago. I don't want to just go to a bar or whatever by myself, and sit t...

2 years ago on 08/27/2016 at 1:52 PM
2 years ago on 04/15/2016 at 3:03 PM

Yes! A THOUSAND times YES within Park Ridge! Yes! Yes! A THOUSAND times YES! I tried to go into the toy store a few weeks ago and couldn't find a parking spot anywhere! I drove past today on my way to Uptown and saw there wasn't a single spot a...

2 years ago on 04/09/2016 at 12:23 PM

Grey/black chico brand single stroller $50 - Chicago, Illinois Compatible with Chico key fit 30 car seat. Excellent condition only used a handful of times. Comes from smoke free/dog friendly home (however, pets were not near this stroller) Pick up Jefferson park central/Lawrence Additional photos in comme...

2 years ago on 04/07/2016 at 6:19 PM

A townhouse development that was initially denied by the Park Ridge City Council has been given final approval to move forward. Aldermen on Monday voted 5-2 on a final reading of an ordinance rezoning property at 1200 W. Elm St. from single-family to multifamily, allowing developer Lexington Homes to build 25 townhouses on the...

2 years ago on 04/05/2016 at 12:04 PM

Stroller PRICE DROP $40 - Harlem and Devon Graco single hand fast action stroller in Park Ridge. Fits Graco click and connect infant car seat. Pick up near Devon and Harlem. Cross posted. In good condition. More pictures in comments section.

2 years ago on 03/23/2016 at 1:04 PM

After rejecting a developer's request to build 25 townhouses on property sold by the city last year, two Park Ridge aldermen reversed their votes this week, putting the development back on course. Second Ward Ald. Nicholas Milissis and 3rd Ward Ald. Rick Van Roeyen on Monday changed their votes and supported the rezoning of property at 1200 W. Elm St. from single-family to multi-family resident...

2 years ago on 03/18/2016 at 10:15 PM
2 years ago on 03/08/2016 at 4:31 PM

The Park Ridge City Council this week rejected a developer's proposal to build townhouses on land once belonging to the city's Public Works Department. Aldermen on Monday voted 4-3 against rezoning property at 1200 W. Elm St. from single-family residential to multi-family, which would have allowed Lexington Homes to build 25 townhouses on the 1. 76-a...

2 years ago on 03/01/2016 at 10:08 AM
2 years ago on 02/17/2016 at 2:29 PM

3 Piece Nursery Set $350 - Prospect Heights, Illinois 6 Drawer Dresser Single Drawer Changing Table with Shelf Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Actual pics in comments. This is the stock photo of the set. Dresser is in fabulous condition. The changer too, but has some surface scratches UNDER the changing pad (made from the buckles on the pad). Cannot be seen with cha...

2 years ago on 02/16/2016 at 7:32 PM

Android phone users: does anyone know of an app that I can use to "scan" multi page docs into pdfs in Park Ridge? I've seen a few that do single page, but looking for one that can handle multiple pages into one doc. Thanks!

2 years ago on 02/09/2016 at 1:21 PM

One more post from me today because you are guys great close to Park Ridge. Calling all single people in their 30's and 40's to come, have fun and suppose great organization Imerman Angeles this saturday. This organization helps connect cancer fighters with cancer survivors b...