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IAchieve Learning is offering a FREE College Essay Writing Workshop for juniors and seniors to help them get started on crafting their college essay and to ensure that it stands out around Park Ridge! Registration is limited to 20 students so sign up quickly! #education #iAchieve #college #putkidsfirst Register directly on our website! www. iachievelearning. com 847. 682. 6116 sarah@iachievelearnin...

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💞💞Hi Chatterers nearby Park Ridge! Get ready for your big Valentines Day night out, with this GREAT DEAL! I'm offering Signature Facials for 61$, on Thursday, February 14 only! Tell your friends, and neighbors, this offer is open to al...

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After driving by many times, we decided to check out Reyes Steakhouse in Park Ridge. Everything we tried was delicious and the wait staff was amazing. Honestly, the outside sign does not do that place justice. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in. The restaurant was upscale,...

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Hi Chatterers! Get ready for your special night or the weekend in Park Ridge. I'm offering Signature Facials for 61$ on Thursday, February 14 only! At The Skin Shop! PM Me for details and times available.

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Tax question! I got married last year, is it more beneficial to file separately or jointly around Park Ridge? I started my tax return on TurboTax and as soon as I added my husbands W2, my federal refund decreased significantly.

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We are running the event tomorrow by Park Ridge. if you are still thinking , sign up as seats are selling fast! This is a limited time offer only for Feb only! Great opportunity to spend fun afternoon with your daughter! Don't miss it!

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Anytime me have experience removing protruding fireplace bricks nearby Park Ridge? Plan is to paint the fireplace and re place the brass cover or paint. But I don’t know what do do with these bricks. They are different material and I don’t have more bricks to replace in their sp...

15 days ago on 02/01/2019 at 5:11 PM

Next Friday Night I am inviting members of the community to come say "Hello in Park Ridge! " and grab a yard sign. If you want a yard sign but can't make the event, please pm me your address. Thank you!

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Friday Facial Special at The Skin Shop with Dimitra nearby Park Ridge! Get out of the house after being shut in for two days! I’m offering Signature Facials for ONLY 51$! Offer valid for Friday, February 1st, only. PM me for appt. times, no on-line booking for this off...

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All smoke detectors going off in house nearby Park Ridge. No sign of smoke or fire. Hate when hubby travels during severe weather.

18 days ago on 01/29/2019 at 8:43 PM

Does anyone have issues in Park Ridge with WOW internet, 4 days now and they tell me issues with the internet signals?! I’m dreading the thought of no internet for the next few days, no cable, we stream everything 😬

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Good morning everyone nearby Park Ridge. For those of you who do not know me my name is Jimmy, owner of iTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. Here are several tips to ensure you stay comfortable during these dangerously frigid conditions: 1) S...

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Tutoring! Test Prep! Music Lessons! Academic Coaching! Educational Testing! College and Career Planning! iAchieve Learning's talented instructors will travel to your home to give private one-on-one lessons. All of our ins...

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Mary Wave and I at Real Sisters Design, had the pleasure of working with Gianni Marinelli on a lighting project near Park Ridge. He was great! We thought we’d try someone new to install a large fixture in a 2 story family room. Gianni was quick, fair, and pleasant to be around, a total pro. Highly recommend.

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January Special at The Skin Shop in Park Ridge! You can't get rid of dry skin unless you actually GET RID of dry skin. Only a few more days to reverse the dry skin trend you might be experiencing. For complete hydration and relief from dry skin, pa...

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Would anyone be interested in renting a 2 bedroom condo in Park Ridge in Maine South? Laundry in unit, stainless steel appliances, pet friendly, assigned parking spot. Beginning 3/1 or 4/1. Please PM me. Thank you!

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Well, we made room for Truman in Park Ridge. And this is what was left. Seriously, I found out what the name means. It means leave room at the end of your dinner for their signature dessert, which is called The Truman. Who‘d a thunk it?! I tho...

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Park Ridge! Do the plows a favor. if you have signs on your street that say “no parking after 2 inches for 24 hours” then move your car! Ahem. Belle Plaine.

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Hi Chatterers! I’m offering 10$ off Signature Facials today in Park Ridge. Why not cozy up with a facial before the winter storm. Pm me for open appointment times. Offer only good for today Friday Jan. 18.

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Since a lot of people ask on here I just wanted to share- I own a business that does custom t- shirt designs by Park Ridge. Most of my work comes from a customers design idea- no custom graphics or plate charges. No minimum and quick turn around. All done on a professional heat press. Please check the “t-shirts” album ...

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TODAY'S the last day to register for this Wednesday's presentation close to Park Ridge! FREE Parent Presentation - College Planning: Developing a 4-Year Plan for Success Do you feel overwhelmed with the college planning process, where to start, what steps you need to take and how to fina...

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I have a question for FFC members with kids around Park Ridge. If you take your child to family swim and they are of the opposite sex. What do you do to change out of their wet clothes? I saw a sign in the locker rooms that said no children of the opposite sex al...

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My son just turned 6 and is in KG by Park Ridge. Was thinking of signing him up for cub scouts. Does anyone know how to do that?

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FREE Parent Presentation - College Planning: Developing a 4-Year Plan for Success Do you feel overwhelmed with the college planning process, where to start, what steps you need to take and how to financially afford everything within Park Ridge? iAchieve Learning together with the Collegian Group is offering parents a FREE presentation on College Planning: Developing a 4-Year Plan for Success. For many families, the college planning process a...