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3 hours ago on 07/17/2019 at 10:26 AM

IAchieve Learning is looking to hire ACT and SAT Test Prep Instructors close to Park Ridge! We are growing very quickly and are looking for individuals who do have experience tutoring and have done well on the ACT/SAT in the past. We currently service around 14 cities with the majority of ou...

23 hours ago on 07/16/2019 at 2:42 PM
1 day ago on 07/16/2019 at 8:54 AM

I wanted to highly recommend Gianni Marinelli to anyone needing electrician services in Park Ridge. He was extremely responsive and professional, gave me a written quote right away and arrived promptly on a Saturday morning the day after I contacted him. His prices were very reasonable and he did a ...

3 days ago on 07/14/2019 at 9:42 AM

Internet options!?! Just moved to the area (from not very far but hopeful for another option) within Park Ridge. bad all-around experience with AT&T . xfinity seems the best as far as internet speed . but could there be a provider out there that I’m missing with high speeds and great customer service? Thanks i...

3 days ago on 07/14/2019 at 8:48 AM

💦Dirty roofs anyone in Park Ridge? An actual home serviced by ChicagoLandSoftWash. com💦 Have you ever notice as of late when driving through your neighborhoods that you have started to see more and more dirty black streaks on roofs ...

4 days ago on 07/13/2019 at 11:21 AM

I just wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me with my key fob - car not starting situation last night in Park Ridge. Very aggravating and stressful since i was here and my daughter driving the car was an hour away. Special thanks to Tony Catullo - the locksmith guy. Offered his services and continued to help thru me...

8 days ago on 07/08/2019 at 9:10 PM

Admin., please advise if this is not ok to post close to Park Ridge. This is from a fantastic D64 Teacher: "A friend of mine and I are starting a career consulting business. We both realized that there are many teenagers/young adults who are unsure of what they want to...

14 days ago on 07/03/2019 at 8:11 AM
14 days ago on 07/02/2019 at 9:21 PM
15 days ago on 07/02/2019 at 1:07 PM

Urgent please I need a recommendation for a friend in Park Ridge! Where is the best place to service a PORCHE older model that won’t rip you off ? Other than Loeber

15 days ago on 07/02/2019 at 9:33 AM

Do you know anyone looking for a 6 week, short term job this summer close to Park Ridge? We have to supplement our customer service staff while one representative is out on medical leave. See below for details. - Available to work in our Hillside office (about 25 minutes from Park Ridge) ...

16 days ago on 06/30/2019 at 5:18 PM

Anyone have att fiber internet around Park Ridge? Right now we have Comcast but looking for cheaper options. Wondering how the service is for the fiber?

1 month ago on 05/28/2019 at 5:00 PM

Ok, just reached the breaking point with AT&T internet in Park Ridge. Three months, hours upon hours of technicians showing up and not being able to do the tech needed for an upgrade. Hours upon even more hours on the phone with poorly trained customer service reps. I w...

1 month ago on 05/27/2019 at 7:02 PM

Anyone have experience with Amazon fresh delivery from whole foods in Park Ridge? Tried it the first time today. My gelato was not in a cold pack and was melted. The driver also put my bags so close to the front door I couldn’t even open it. Called customer service and they refun...

1 month ago on 05/27/2019 at 4:13 PM

Are there any design professionals that offer a simple service in choosing flooring color to coordinate with wood trim in Park Ridge? My mom has honey oak trim and would like laminate wood floor. She is in Hoffman Estates.

1 month ago on 05/26/2019 at 10:01 PM

Shout to Pennyville newly opened in Park Ridge! Vegetarians and meat eaters are going to be thrilled! Insanely fresh, excellent parings, friendly like your mamas service, and reasonable prices for the courses. This is what Park Ridge was missing! I...

1 month ago on 05/26/2019 at 10:23 AM
1 month ago on 05/25/2019 at 1:30 PM

Does anyone know what this is around Park Ridge? It is all over my tree. Is it normal? Do I need a tree service?

1 month ago on 05/24/2019 at 10:21 AM

3rd Anniversary! What will be most romantic by Park Ridge? Better food and service? Most popular? There All Great & i cant decided! Can you help me? 😍TIA

1 month ago on 05/23/2019 at 11:09 AM

Any recommendations for cleaning service that can accommodate last minute requests by Park Ridge? My cleaning lady canceled for tomorrow and would like to find someone that can come tomorrow to fill in. I’m in Norwood Park.

1 month ago on 05/20/2019 at 5:33 PM

Does anyone know of a company or person who services Weber Genesis Gas Grills by Park Ridge? Mine is about 10 years old and needs a tune up. Thanks for any recommendations.

1 month ago on 05/20/2019 at 2:09 PM

Looking for someone who can offer a service to clean my 2ND LEVEL dryer vent that has it's outside access on my roof in Park Ridge. I have cleaned the vent as good as I can but I can only get so far. It needs to be cleared from the roof in as well as the inside vent out. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks

1 month ago on 05/20/2019 at 1:55 PM

If anyone is interested in a 5K, there's a nice local one on 6/16 that benefits the District 207 School Based Health Center within Park Ridge. The SBHC provides services to all D207 students: sick visits(free), physicals($35 for kids with no insurance or privately insured, free for those with state insurance), and free immunizations for thos...

2 months ago on 05/17/2019 at 12:45 PM

Wanted to hear only from someone who's replaced the glass in their residential windows in a last few months and got prompt service around Park Ridge. Already talked to Nemeth, Oakton, Blaine, Lang, and Ace Hardware, so please NO referrals for those. I got those names from searching this site. I'm sure they're all great, but they must all be swamped...

2 months ago on 05/16/2019 at 6:45 PM

SPRING INTO SUMMER DEAL 🌼☀️☀️💐🌼 Ladies near Park Ridge! *35% off the total cost of a color service with a haircut! Men! *$10 off a haircut! Please Click on my Styleseat profile for original color prices. 🌞☀️☀️ Offer lasts until June 15th! _ IM m...

2 months ago on 05/16/2019 at 2:27 PM
2 months ago on 05/16/2019 at 7:41 AM

I’m looking to get a new fence around Park Ridge. I am getting quotes from three different places. One of the quotes I like is from Northwest Fence. Has anyone ever dealt with them? Are you happy with their product and customer service? My question i...

2 months ago on 05/14/2019 at 3:41 PM
2 months ago on 05/14/2019 at 10:12 AM

Looking for someone to create Job Aids in Park Ridge. What is the cost of this service?

2 months ago on 05/13/2019 at 1:50 PM

Looking for - need some small tree stumps dug out in my backyard and some trees trimmed in Park Ridge. Anyone know a reputable and reliable service that can get this done?