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Searching for a 3 bar stools around Park Ridge! (preferably have a back on them & very good condition) Please let me know if you are selling :)

8 days ago on 02/10/2019 at 9:23 AM

Anywhere you can try on Rothy’s in store in Park Ridge? I thought I saw Nordstrom sells them but it’s unclear when I searched google if any big box retailers have them in stock. Hate to drop $150 on something I’ve never tried or even seen!

12 days ago on 02/07/2019 at 6:28 AM

Does anyone have a loft bed that they love and is sturdy and that they would recommend nearby Park Ridge? I am thinking of getting one for my 5 and 8 year old. They have small rooms so the free space underneath is a plus. I have been researching them but would like a personal recommendation. Thanks

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I am in search of an app for my iPhone that stops spam phone calls from coming through by Park Ridge. Is there anybody out there that uses a certain app for this and if so, can you tell me how you like it and does it mess up your phone in any way. I get more spam phone calls than regular phone calls f...

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If anyone is searching for a move-in ready 3 bed, 3 full bath home in Park Ridge, look no further! 724 N Broadway Ave, is coming on the market Friday! There will be an open house Sunday 1:30pm till 3:30pm. Come and see your forever home! Pic's coming soon.

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Anyone have the Humana Dental C550 plan and has a good dentist they go to in network in Park Ridge? I have searched yelp reviews on about 6 so far all with 1 star reviews

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In search of a garage door company in Park Ridge. The cable broke and my car is now stuck in the garage! 😐

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Looking for a Spanish tutor for a Lincoln 8th grader nearby Park Ridge. I did a search on the site but I didn’t find much information that was recent. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Park Ridge Chatters! I am in search of a Women’s Organization that will “Pickup” Clothes I have a about 4 Contractors Bags filled with clothing and shoes! Thank you 🌹 Located in Chicago Harlem & Diversey

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D64's Superintendent Search Online Survey closes 2-6-19 near Park Ridge. Please take a moment over the weekend to share your thoughts and assist the Board of Education in developing a leadership profile that will be used in the search for the District's new superintendent.

19 days ago on 01/30/2019 at 4:33 PM

Interested in knowing where you guys bring your plastic bags for recycling close to Park Ridge. has good info on what plastic types CAN be recycled but is often inaccurate when it comes to reliably where. Mariano's, for example, does a bad job emptying their bins and are seemingly always full. A...

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Going to just put this here as a friendly reminder in Park Ridge. I keep seeing a lot of same questions/requests. Things like ‘garbage’ ‘contractor’ ‘pizza’ to name a few, are easily found in the search feature. 😁

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CASTING ALERT! Searching for men and women (16-60 years old, all ethnicities) to play Blackhawks fans on Chicago Fire this Monday January 28th in Park Ridge! Please submit to cf51xtra@gmail. com. Include your photo, name, age, height, weight, and phone number. Put "Blackhawks" in the subject line. *If you have a photo of yourself in Blackhawks apparel - se...

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Ready to get some support with your job search around Park Ridge? Registration now open for my next job seeker workshop series -

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Searching for retailers to purchase new counter tops nearby Park Ridge. Possibly granite, but open to other materials too. Please and Thanks

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Does anyone know of an Arcade game repair service that makes house calls in Park Ridge? Did a quick google search and did not find many options. We have a golden tee and shooter game from about 20 years ago that needs some maintenance. Thanks.

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Hi everyone! I recently moved back to Park Ridge and am searching for a new OBGYN. Ideally, someone who delivers babes at Lutheran General. I need a doc that is warm, compassionate and great bedside manner because I am a pretty anxious patient :) If they are in practice alongside mi...

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Good morning! If anyone is in the search for Girl Scout cookies, my Niece is selling them by Park Ridge. Click the link below to place your order. Any questions, feel free to pm me :)

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Travel Planning Idea – Hotel Ratings and Reviews It’s important to be aware of hotel ratings and reviews when planning a vacation around Park Ridge. Rating systems vary around the world and there is no international standard for star-rated hotels. As a result they can be confusing and misleading. Rather than base your hotel selection solely on the...

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I'm looking for a website or store that has relatively affordable and cute bathing suits in Park Ridge. Other than the standard target or retail store, does anyone have recommendations? I've searched and found a few websites but not sure how reliable they are. thanks in advance!

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This is a MCYAF project for 8th-12th grade students to earn 20 service hours and gain some public speaking experience in Park Ridge. Students research the topic and the we present to the community and legislators. We meet on Sundays at 1pm to prepare and then present some time in April. Our topic this year is the Legalization of Ma...

1 month ago on 01/10/2019 at 12:48 PM

Our school is in the process of searching for a quality STEM/STEAM assembly for K - 5th Grade students within Park Ridge. Any great ideas, suggestions or connections to someone would be appreciated! Thank You! 😊

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Interesting research happening in a neighboring town close to Park Ridge. Full disclosure: I know nothing about the validity of their survey or how it was administered. What Would Park Ridge Say?