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1 year ago on 05/11/2017 at 11:54 AM

Anyone out there have leftover Girl Scout cookies? in Park Ridge! Looking for s'mores or the peanut butter ones(! not tagalongs! ) I'm trying to get a few boxes to send over seas to a friend on a deployment so I can't send chocolate thanks

1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 2:29 PM
1 year ago on 03/05/2017 at 4:52 PM

Hi, My name is Katie Daehler and I am senior at Maine South in Park Ridge. I am an ambassador Girl Scout and am working on completing my Gold Award, the highest award in girl scouting. My Gold Award project focuses on raising awareness of the importance of local government. ...

1 year ago on 03/04/2017 at 3:22 PM

MCYAF is working with an Eagle Scout on a book drive for Logan Correctional Center, a women's prison in Illinois in Park Ridge. Fiction and non-fiction books from middle school to adult reading levels on all topics except for true crime. I found out magazines are being accepted too. National Geographic, news magazines, women's...

1 year ago on 02/19/2017 at 1:45 PM
1 year ago on 11/28/2016 at 2:23 PM

The Girl Scouts are looking for a location where we can hold our cookie delivery for the area nearby Park Ridge. In previous years we have used the Maine East parking lot and Golf Mill Mall parking lot, but we would love a location that is more sheltered from the cold temps, snow and wind. We need a space that c...

1 year ago on 11/21/2016 at 8:57 AM
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1 year ago on 11/09/2016 at 7:27 AM

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to fill the Main Room of the Activity Center -- men, women, girls, boys and people of all ages represented equally by Park Ridge. Thanks to Marianos, Affresco and Sputinos for their generous support; to my phenomenal co-host Suzanne Henn and her crew of friends; to Cindy, Helen, Sean, Jean and everyone else who helped and donate...

1 year ago on 09/27/2016 at 10:16 PM

Does anyone have experience with having someone come and speak to a small group of elementary school students(girl scouts) about bullying near Park Ridge? Looking for someone that can talk about all types of bullying, but mainly focus on some of the more non-physical bullying issues often seen among girls. The more 'quiet', emotional bullying like exclu...

1 year ago on 09/12/2016 at 6:56 AM

Information about Operation Christmas Child in the attached link near Park Ridge! Great project for scouts, small groups or as a family to give to the neediest kids around the world. Your kids will love to pick out toys, school supplies and basic sanitary items for other kids who n...

2 years ago on 03/28/2016 at 8:05 AM

Planning a short historical tour for scouts in Park Ridge. Besides the Pickwick and Iannelli home & studio, what are a few other must-stops? Anyone know where Hillary used to live? Thanks!

2 years ago on 02/29/2016 at 12:14 PM

My nephews Eagle Scouts are having a bike drive within Park Ridge. Please pm me or respond here to donate that old, worn, or unused bike before March, 15. I can pick up.

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2 years ago on 02/16/2016 at 1:09 PM

Does anyone have kids selling Girl Scout cookies nearby Park Ridge? (Admin, please delete if not appropriate). My typical scout didn't sell this year. We're in Norwood Park. Thanks!

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2 years ago on 12/07/2015 at 2:13 PM

Looking for a service activity for a den of about 15, 3rd grade cub scouts in Park Ridge. They are available the evening of December 18th. If you are a business or an individual in the area that needs help with a project for charity, please contact me via comment below or PM. Thank you!

2 years ago on 12/05/2015 at 10:05 AM

Support your Washington school Girl Scouts in Park Ridge. We are selling fall product at Walmart on Touhy in Niles today from 10:00 till 6:00

2 years ago on 12/02/2015 at 9:38 AM

Looking for small boy or girl newer trinkets, craft kits, color books, small jewelry, kids books, crayons, ornaments, glue, markers, small toys, etc for a friend whose daughters are working on 100 goody bags for the sick children at Lurie downtown in Park Ridge. If you have a lot of items, I can pickup (Dec 10 is when she needs them) if you are between Evanston and Schaumburg, or you can drop at my porch in Des Plaines. It's a Girl Scout project I believe for...

2 years ago on 11/14/2015 at 2:23 PM

Driving through uptown today with the wife and saw an amazing sight in Park Ridge. You just don't see this anymore people. Huge thanks to the Boy Scouts of Park Ridge. Wish I could have gotten their troop number. If anyone knows please comment! Jessie Nashan Ross

2 years ago on 11/14/2015 at 11:22 AM

troop 1 rummage sale is going on now in Park Ridge. don't you need a vase or fish bowl or center piece for your table or. come on down. help support Boy Scouts Troop 1 -- the oldest continually chartered troop in the United States.

2 years ago on 11/09/2015 at 7:48 PM

Looking for Scouts selling Garland in Park Ridge. if they still do this, these days.

3 years ago on 08/29/2015 at 10:22 AM