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Not a great photo but just went to a great restaurant across from the outlet mall by Park Ridge. Carmine's is part of the Rosebud chain and has been open 1 month. There's also a crab and steakhouse next door called Truluck's.

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The Red Apple Restaurant is a perfect place to take kids and the food is awesome in Park Ridge. Great comfort food as we head into these chilly winter days. The kids love picking out what they eat and the buffet offers them a chance to try new things without the commitment. We give it 4 stars! C...

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LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION NEAR PARK RIDGE! 11 N Northwest Hwy Park Ridge Spacious 2 bdrm & 1 bath apt for rent Move in ready RENT is $1100 Tenant pays for electricity, gas, and cable 1 designated parking spot Washer & dryer in unit Walking dis...

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Need suggestions for German restaurants in the burbs by Park Ridge. besides Edelweiss (is that still around? ) or Hofbrauhaus in Rosemont).

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Any restaurant ideas for downtown st by Park Ridge. louis for a larger group of teens there for a tournament? american/pasta type? no need for private room i don't believe but need a place with space to sit

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Lurie Children's 26th Annual Gala supporting Dr within Park Ridge. Chang's Perinatal Brain Injury Research in Babies Children's Research Fund Junior Board has our year's largest, 26th Annual Cocktails for a Cause ("CFC"), on Friday, November 9th from 7-11pm at the Ch...

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New Chinese restaurant @ Touhy/Harlem within Park Ridge! In the same space Jay’s used to be in. Inside looks nicely done!

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We made a discovery last night right here in Park Ridge! After late evening activities we were looking for a restaurant that served more than bar food. needed a full meal at 9:45 and a quiet atmosphere to chat. Had never tried Silvers. Husband poked his hea...

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We are planning a weekend in Milwaukee within Park Ridge. Any suggestions on a good Supper Club, other restaurants, brewery tours, and any other places to see/do while there. Thanks!

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This is what makes our community great by Park Ridge! Enjoy delicious food and beverages this Saturday, September 29 at Hodges Park! The best in local eats and drinks will be offered from Noon-9:00pm. Selections include mouth-watering pulled pork sandwic...

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Looks like the Pickwick has a tenant in Park Ridge. There’s already a lot of pizza/Italian in the neighborhood. But ANY restaurant is better than a Pearl Vision. EDIT: For those who can't read the link, it's called Pazzi di Pizza. Their original loca...

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Edison Park Restaurant Week starts today around Park Ridge! You can view the menus at www. eprestaurantweek. com. Great pre-fix menus!

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Am going to Cape Cod in 2 weeks within Park Ridge. Staying in Eastham. Anything we should do or see while there? How about Nantucket for the day—worth going to? We plan to go to Chatham—any good restaurants? Thanks for any suggestions.

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*Ideas Requested* Yellowstone vacation by Park Ridge. Group of 8-10 adults traveling to Yellowstone for a hiking adventure Sep, 2019. Input requested: lodging, restaurants, hikes, tours, etc? Thanks!

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