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Grubhub Question: I just ordered a pizza on Grubhub and put the option for cash as payment in Park Ridge. When the order came, the delivery driver told me that next time to not use Grubhub when paying cash, but rather just call the restaurant. When I asked him why, he said it was easier. Seems like a lame...

10 months ago on 03/23/2017 at 10:08 PM

I had dinner with friends at the new Pickwick last night within Park Ridge. It was about my third or fourth visit to the restaurant. It has a much better atmosphere, better menu and better prices. Also the sound panels keep the noise level down. It's been an over all very goo...

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1 Bedroom 2nd Floor Norwood Park Apartment for Rent nearby Park Ridge. Close to Metra Train, Kennedy Expressway, shopping, restaurants, and Edison Park. All brand new appliances (including washer/dryer) and new carpeting. Overnight Parking available. Rent is $950 per mon...

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Looking for some info/advice from Royal Caribbean cruisers close to Park Ridge. We've never been and are a little confused as to how the dining works. Are there any set times at all? Can you dine from place to place with the basic plan? If you reserve a signature restaurant is ev...

10 months ago on 03/12/2017 at 2:29 PM

I like to support local and it's always nice to see a new restaurant in the area, so I thought I'd share a great new place in Morton Grove by Park Ridge. Savory Crust- they have delicious hand made empanadas �. There are a lot of unique flavor combinations also! Located in the Dempster Plaza strip mall at Harlem and Dempster.

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Best place for a date in the area in Park Ridge? Could be a nice restaurant or a fun activity. Thank you!

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Anyone know of a great Chinese restaurant near Park Ridge? The hubs is craving Chinese food �.

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Planning our schools annual fundraiser/auction near Park Ridge. Looking for some new ideas! What kind of raffles/games does your school do? Have any tips on donations besides local restaurants! Would love to hear what your school does!

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Thanksgiving brunch or dinner restaurants in Park Ridge. and. go.! . gobble gobble! Thanks :)

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Looking for A NICE RESTAURANT in Wood field or immediate area in Park Ridge. I haven't been that a way in a while and all I can think of is theCheese Cake Factory. Thanks!

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Anyone with peanut allergies stayed at wilderness or great wolf in the dells nearby Park Ridge? Any issues with the food/restaurants there? One more allergy friendly? Thanks!

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Looking for recommendations for restaurant with a private room for baby shower in Park Ridge. 25 guests in january. must have easy parking and hdcp accessibility

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Looking for your favorite restaurant suggestions near Glenview nearby Park Ridge. Open to all types of cuisine and must have a decent wine selection. Thanks!

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Best Mexican restaurant near by please within Park Ridge. An actual restaurant. Not a taco joint. Thanks!