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2 years ago on 05/25/2020 at 5:43 PM

Anyone have an extra NEW bottle of this around Park Ridge? I’ll trade u for a Lysol wipes! 🙏🏼 #cantLiveWithoutThis #PanicMode #LastFewSpraysLeft

2 years ago on 05/17/2020 at 9:07 AM

Squirrels in the attic around Park Ridge. Have tried repellent spray, strobe lights and noise but they're still here. I think I need someone to set some traps. Any recommendations based on your personal experience?

2 years ago on 04/28/2020 at 1:18 PM
2 years ago on 04/26/2020 at 11:39 AM
2 years ago on 04/18/2020 at 8:03 AM
2 years ago on 04/15/2020 at 6:19 PM

IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT OUR SERVICE CHANGES FOR Tony's Italian Deli & Subs ! in Park Ridge! Please read completely ! Starting Friday April 17 we will be open from 9am to 3pm for in store shopping. We will allow 10 people in at a time, please follow in store policies. Social di...

2 years ago on 04/11/2020 at 5:48 PM

Looking for of just one bottle of Lysol spray nearby Park Ridge. Does anyone know where I can buy one can of spray ?

2 years ago on 04/06/2020 at 1:35 PM

Good day Park Ridge peeps! I want to thank everyone that responded to my request for a sewing machine! Y’all as so awesome. I was hoping I could share another request & give you a great motivation to get to Spring cleaning! I...

2 years ago on 04/03/2020 at 9:22 AM

ACCENTS BY JENNY In order to protect ourselves, our family and most of all to do our part in our community, we are taking a temporary pause in Park Ridge. We are not necessary and with cases widespread in our immediate area now, we don't want to take any chances (even with the upmost sanitary precautions). It's not worth it. We will keep you updated as ...

2 years ago on 03/23/2020 at 8:25 PM

If not allowed, please delete around Park Ridge! Lutheran General Hospital is a level 1 trauma center and one of the only hospitals in our area providing COVID-19 screenings! This is the hospital our family and neighbors go to! We need help! Due to ...

2 years ago on 03/23/2020 at 1:47 PM

Hi All, my essential outing for the week was to get gas at Costco in Park Ridge. I was prepared with disposable gloves. I was surprised and so thankful to see the attendant spraying each pump and screen after use. If you go, please thank gas attendants. Side note, gas was only 1. ...

2 years ago on 03/19/2020 at 5:47 PM

Does anyone have any spare Lysol wipes and/or Lysol spray they’d be willing to share in Park Ridge. I haven’t been able to score any. I’m willing to pay as well. It would be much appreciated.

2 years ago on 03/18/2020 at 6:52 PM

You don’t even have to move in Park Ridge! Browse my listing, step by step, inch by inch from the comfort of your own home. Join us at 12:00 on Sunday! 📍1995 Farrell Ave 🏡Open House •5 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms •7 Sprayer Spay Like Shower...

2 years ago on 03/18/2020 at 9:16 AM

As the owner of Sole Mio Studio, I have had to struggle with the idea of closing the shop to prevent spread of disease versus surviving as a new business in Park Ridge. I will be closing for regular business hours but I will open on an appointment-only basis until the end of March. Our Wednesday night Euchre events will be cancelled until further notice too. I hope t...

2 years ago on 03/18/2020 at 5:21 AM

Okay all- I’ve been trying to find some on my own and can’t find anything anywhere- (not even from my grandmas nursing home in Park Ridge! No, I’m not stealing lol) I need disinfectant spray or wipes desperately. I live with my 65 yo father who is undergoing chemo for stage iv colon cancer among other health issues and who is utterly s...

2 years ago on 03/11/2020 at 1:00 PM
2 years ago on 03/08/2020 at 10:59 PM

Best solutions to keep squirrels from chewing the "plant based" wires on my car by Park Ridge. Those little buggers cost me 900. 00 bucks last week. I have tried "Squirrel Spray" and a high frequency device. Tonight my sensors were going off again. back to the shop tomorrow. I have never had th...

2 years ago on 03/08/2020 at 12:09 PM

What a beautiful day to go out and door knock around Park Ridge! Letting neighbors know about our OPEN HOUSE 🏠 3/8/2020 1995 Farrell Ave 📍Park Ridge 5 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms ⏰12:30-2:30 •5 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms •7 Sprayer Spay Like Shower •Finished Basem...

2 years ago on 02/23/2020 at 10:38 AM
2 years ago on 02/17/2020 at 8:10 PM

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole and I’m a stylist is 14 years experience around Park Ridge. I work at an awesome salon, Pilorum Salon and Spa, and I’m running a special this week for new clients! Receive any cut or color service by me and receive a free bottle of Aquage’s Finishing Hairs...

2 years ago on 02/16/2020 at 2:57 PM
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2 years ago on 02/02/2020 at 10:48 PM

#^@$ and all the swear words in Park Ridge. Never had a dog get sprayed by a skunk and it just happened. What do I do?

2 years ago on 01/25/2020 at 6:38 PM

Open House, Sunday Jan 26th 12:00-2:00 in Park Ridge. 📍1995 Farrell Ave, Park Ridge 🌻Suburban Sanctuary - Sprawling Ranch 5 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms Indulge Yourself In Over 2900 SQF Total Living Space Spacious Spa Like Shower W/ Double Sprayer After A...

2 years ago on 01/09/2020 at 5:12 PM
2 years ago on 01/09/2020 at 2:47 PM

Anyone know the typical cost of getting 4 wisdom teeth removed in Park Ridge? We got quoted 3, 000$ and I pray to god that that isn’t the normal cost 😭

2 years ago on 12/28/2019 at 11:36 AM

Question for hairstylists or people that are creative with hair: Has anyone successfully gone to get a freestyle updo or some sort of blowout (not just basic straight) - meaning you ask the stylist to do something they think is pretty around Park Ridge? I have an out of town wedding to go to and need my hair to be put up or do something out of the ordinary. keep in mind the following (I know it’s a lot): 1. I like my curls (more like waves and they...

2 years ago on 12/17/2019 at 9:07 PM

I’ve been to the doctor 4 times in the last few months for my sons constant ear pain by Park Ridge! He says his ear feels full and he feels numb along the side of his face! Sometimes even a slight dizziness. the doctor said he no infection! But his tonsils are large & his nasal passage is inflamed! ...

2 years ago on 11/09/2019 at 10:56 AM
2 years ago on 10/07/2019 at 11:39 AM

We've dropped the price again on our Park Ridge home. A few things to note: 1. There is a detached garage (30ft x 24ft) that is almost the same size as the house with temperature controlled storage above it. I know most of Park Ridge homes don't have eno...