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2 years ago on 04/22/2020 at 2:12 PM

Thanks to all who responded to my post regarding if anyone had heard of people coming off ventilator near Park Ridge. My friends husband is responding well and the doctors are pleased. Even gave a thumbs up. (I know this could be up and down. I know peeps/groups are sending restaurant meals to the hospitals locally. ...

2 years ago on 04/15/2020 at 12:37 PM
2 years ago on 04/11/2020 at 9:52 AM
2 years ago on 04/06/2020 at 1:35 PM

Good day Park Ridge peeps! I want to thank everyone that responded to my request for a sewing machine! Y’all as so awesome. I was hoping I could share another request & give you a great motivation to get to Spring cleaning! I...

2 years ago on 04/03/2020 at 6:32 AM

No sleep for this guy tonight in Park Ridge. I’m headed on #7 house lockout tonight. full moon.! Park ridge peeps are keepin me busy. no names.! Lol

2 years ago on 03/17/2020 at 6:39 PM

Hey Peeps! We know how hard these times are right now and how easy it is to get into a funk in Park Ridge. With our studio being closed right now in order for us to do our part at trying to flatten the curve, Us at PowHerhouse Fitness Studio want to keep you motivated and moving! Everyday we are offering F...

2 years ago on 02/16/2020 at 10:45 AM
2 years ago on 02/12/2020 at 7:29 PM

This place was fan-freakin-TASTIC in Park Ridge! Please, Park Ridge peeps! Come check this place out! We had a phenomenal dining experience topped off with talking with the owner. such a great addition to our repertoire! I HIGHLY recommend the Mongo...

3 years ago on 12/21/2019 at 7:31 PM

Hello Polish peeps! Ugh, I slacked near Park Ridge. Where can I find oplatek for wigilia?

3 years ago on 12/03/2019 at 8:37 AM

Calling all insurance peeps close to Park Ridge. Fortunately this question is not for me but wondering if you can still get a life insurance policy if you had a DUI.? Please PM me. Thanks.

3 years ago on 11/15/2019 at 9:57 PM

Park Ridge peeps. You've been invited to a wedding. The Bride and Groom put you in charge of the music. What songs are you requesting for the night? Pick as many are you like.

3 years ago on 11/03/2019 at 6:43 PM

Any handy peeps on here by Park Ridge? Suggestions/tips for how to replace the track lighting above the steps? should I get one of those ladders where you can shorten one side. It makes me nervous that it won't be safe.

3 years ago on 09/16/2019 at 1:14 PM
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3 years ago on 08/09/2019 at 4:48 PM

Hi Park Ridge Peeps, My mother drove from around Vine and Talcott to Resurrection Hospital with a book, “Blood Runs Green” she was reading on the hood of the car. Obviously it fell off somewhere. It’s not the end of the world but she feels bad because I gave her the book and the book mark was a gift from someone else. If anyone finds it or hears about it can ...

3 years ago on 07/31/2019 at 2:23 PM
3 years ago on 07/16/2019 at 8:52 AM

HVAC peeps - if the outside capacitor is suppose to be at 35 and is at 27 within Park Ridge. 4, does it need to be replaced? Or is it just working hard in this weather?

3 years ago on 05/21/2019 at 9:28 PM

Softball 🥎 Peeps ! Does anyone have a good brand/Type that they use for softball pants? My daughter will be 13 in July and is tall and thin. She outgrew her softball pants used the last two seasons and now we have tried...

3 years ago on 03/30/2019 at 12:50 PM

Hi peeps close to Park Ridge! We are 😳driving down to Florida. Making a quick stop in Nashville. Bringing our dog 🐶💕. For a one night stay, would you recommend staying downtown or the music row neighborhood? Family trip-a...

3 years ago on 03/18/2019 at 8:04 PM
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3 years ago on 01/06/2019 at 9:51 PM

Park Ridge peeps what are your thoughts on direct tv? Good service /any interruptions? Thanks

3 years ago on 01/04/2019 at 11:35 PM

Finally have a much needed night out for dinner for my moms and daughter’s January birthdays within Park Ridge. We have reservations at Make Room for Truman after seeing the nice reviews! I know the birthday peeps will go for steak but what was delicious for non- steak person? Any specialty recommendations?

3 years ago on 01/04/2019 at 11:45 AM

A wonderful Park Ridge family owns LePeep in Mount Prospect. We just had the BEST breakfast here! It’s such a short little drive and well worth it! My daughter is asking when we could come back. The hot chocolate was heavenly !

4 years ago on 12/06/2018 at 6:10 PM

Hi Peeps, What is the best pepper jelly in Park Ridge? Having a craving. Happy Holidays!

4 years ago on 11/26/2018 at 9:08 PM
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6 years ago on 01/26/2016 at 7:07 PM

Sewing peeps! My 11-yr-old daughter and I are going to be making a bunch of surgical caps for Lurie Children's Hospital workers in Park Ridge. Is there any chance anyone has any scraps of kids' themed fabric they would like to donate to the project? The pieces have to be at least 20" x 20" squares. I also need 18" strips of 1/8" elastic, in ...