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Looking for a recommendation for a dermatologist (who takes city BSBC PPO insurance) in the area who will treat a toddler in Park Ridge. When I search BCBS for pediatric derm there is only one is and she is not nearby. He has a weird skin discoloration, and his pediatrician did not give me much help.

29 days ago on 09/23/2018 at 12:50 PM

I’m looking for the best place to get my 5 month old baby’s ears pierced in Park Ridge. I saw a recent thread on here about this but the answer was mainly pediatrician and our pediatrician does not do piercings. Thanks!

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1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 12:53 AM

Any recommendations for treating hives on a child, (food allergy) in Park Ridge? I'm currently giving oral Benadryl and using hydrocortisone cream. Food exposure was Saturday and rash shows no sign of disappearing. Has anyone's pediatrician given them something stronger?

1 year ago on 03/22/2017 at 10:19 PM
1 year ago on 03/21/2017 at 4:20 PM

What are people's opinion on Kids First Pediatrics in Park Ridge? It looks like they have pretty good hours, so I'm thinking about switching over to them. Is it easy to schedule appointments with them? Do you like the doctors? I was at Yacktman, but just can't deal ...

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Looking for a pediatrician out of Luthern General in Park Ridge. Not Park Ridge Pediatrics. They are not taking new patients. That excepts HMO. Thanks

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With the change of the season and a new school year I invite you to dig out those old or gently used sneakers and running shoes that you don’t wear, the ones that sit in closets or on shelves in the garage, and collect dust in Park Ridge. Dunk Your Kicks for pediatric cancer gives purpose to the kicks you don’t wear! CrossFit 88 in Park Ridge is an official Dunk Your Kicks Ambassador. We are asking that you share with your friends a...

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Do you have a child going to 3 or 4 year old Preschool nearby Park Ridge? I'm a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant Baby Sleep Train - Chicago Sleep Center and I am offering FREE workshops for children entering preschool for the 2016-17 School year. If you think your child...

2 years ago on 05/23/2016 at 8:27 AM

Ophthalmologist recommendation, preferably pediatric, please in Park Ridge. Our familiar David Mittleman just retired! Or should we just see the pediatrician first. . we have an eye in the house presenting with pain, "4" (of 10). It was quite swollen upon rising, the surround...

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Looking for Pediatrician for 6 month old around Park Ridge. We are currently with Advocate Lutheran General Yachman Pavilion but finding it so difficult to get appointments when baby is sick! Any other Mom's experiencing same issues. any other referrals PLEASE...

2 years ago on 03/02/2016 at 12:34 PM

Can someone recommend a pediatric dentist in the area in Park Ridge? Just for cleaning and check up. but has to be someone who is really good with easing the fear of the dentist!

2 years ago on 02/22/2016 at 9:30 AM

Does anyone have recommendations for a local pediatrician that takes BCBS in Park Ridge? Our current doctor is in Lincoln Park and we would like someone closer. Preferably someone associated with Lurie Childrens Hospital.

2 years ago on 02/21/2016 at 9:31 PM

I would love to find a pediatric nutritionist or doctor to consult with on supplements for toddlers and toddler diets in general in Park Ridge. Seems as though these discussions are missing from most mainstream pediatricians. And I know there is a lot to learn in this area in regards to diet effecting behavior and diet to strengthen immunity ...

2 years ago on 02/17/2016 at 2:46 PM
2 years ago on 02/17/2016 at 8:26 AM

Looking for recommendations for a dentist for a 5 year old and me in Park Ridge! Not looking for a pediatric dentist- looking for one office that we can both go to!

2 years ago on 02/08/2016 at 10:50 AM

Asking for a friend. Has anyone seen a Pediatric Neurologist that takes more of a Holistic approach?

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