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8202W. Oakton. st. Niles, ill. 8473389513

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35. 00. Niles Costco. Size 8 and 9

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LOST DOG IN NILES: PLEASE SHARE AROUND PARK RIDGE! I was contacted by a good friend who’s dad found this sweet frenchie boy in front of his car this morning at 4:30 am on Lill. No tags. Cross section is Lill and Harlem. If you know this pup please m...

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Just wondering how community members feel about the Park Ridge Par District spending $114, 000 on a consultant to convince us that we need to take on debt for a facility upgrade that we can't afford right now. While I do agree that Oakton could use a facility upgrade and it would be a wonderful addition to our facilities, this is not the right time when the park district is still carrying debt for Prospect ...

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I face painted at a Niles Fire Dept event yesterday in Park Ridge. Man said he couldn’t get a real tattoo because he’s on blood thinners but always wanted one. Said he loves eagles and so I painted a quick one! He walked around proudly and it just made my day! #s...

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Has anyone taken their kids to Play and Spin in Niles within Park Ridge? We're going to have our grandkids, ages 6 and 5, and wanted to know if they were too young. Thanks!

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Just want to give a shout out to cellfone MD nearby Park Ridge! I dropped my iPhone this morning, cracked my screen and my phone was seriously spazzing out (wouldn’t hold a charge and was going in and out). I brought it to cellfone MD in Niles at noon and I alre...

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Curious the going price of braces within Park Ridge? We do not have dental insurance and just got a price for 4000$ for my son 🤦‍♀️. Does that seem like to much or is that about the right price ? I have only been to one place which is destiny d...

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FRIDAY NIGHT FUN: 5-12 YEARS Niles Family Fitness Center 987 Civic Center Drive 847-588-8400 Parents, treat your kids to a night out within Park Ridge. Join our enthusiastic staff for an evening filled with swimming, gym, crafts, snack and more! 6:00-9:00 PM $12 Member/$17 Non-Member September 20

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We need to switch vets for our Morkie in Park Ridge. Niles animal hospital or park ridge animal hospital? Those are the two we are picking from. Who do you prefer?

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Come to Oktoberfest next weekend at St near Park Ridge. John Brebeuf School-Niles! Carnival ride wristbands on sale at a discount through 9/19 at the School Office!

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8202W. Oakton. st Niles, ill

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Did You Fall From Fitness by Park Ridge? Our 3 Month Membership Special Sale Will Pick You Up $99 Residents $109 Non-Residents (2) Consecutive Memberships May be Purchased September 3-September 9 Niles Family Fitness Center 987 Civic Center ...

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Recommendations for a multi sports bday party for 5 yo boy in Park Ridge. Niles used to have a sports party where they had different sports in the gym but no longer offer it. It’s a golden birthday so we were going to an Olympic/gold medal theme. Also open to any other go...

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Looking for options in the Glenview/Niles/Morton Grove/Park Ridge area to donate baby clothes and breast pump supplies. Have quite a bit of both we’d like out of the house and looking for a good place to donate it to. Thank you.

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Hello Chatters! We are having a fundraiser on 9/21 for JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation) as our daughter is a Thankspe 1 diabetic in Park Ridge. We were wondering if anyone can donate anything from their company as far as gift baskets, tickets to sports game, wine, etc. We will take pictures with your name/company name as many PR/NW Chicago fo...

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Haircut&style. $ 35. 00. 8202W. Oakton. St Niles, ill. 8473389513.

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Has anyone ever been to Salon M in Niles in Park Ridge? Any stylist in particular you recommend?