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Anyone go to hollywood nails in des plaines in Park Ridge. i have groupon for no chip manicure. however, they do not take walkins. also their website goes write to an error message.

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Sharing this for a friend- DOG FOUND ALERT- FROM SKOKIE ANIMAL CONTROL CALL 847-933-8217 x 8214 - On April 29, 2019, someone tuned over a stray dog to Skokie Animal Control in Park Ridge. They said they found the dog on the Expressway in Rosemont. The dog is a black and white, female, S. H. Chihuahua, around 11 years old. We named her “Lil Bat” inv. #19-408. Her nails were long and...

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It’s a small world so if anyone knows who this CNA who rode the metra yesterday through park ridge, is, please give her a hug from us. I wish I had her contact info so that we could send her cookies and a card! I was on the metra with my 8yo. “What’s this bump in my ear? ” He asks. I was horrified to find it was a bug, and no m...

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Anyone here do nails? Or somewhere were is not too expensive. Like to stay between$20-$25. No chip

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Just the facts, please in Park Ridge! Not looking for opinions. Who can tell me about a “dip” manicure. I googled it and get the basics of it compared to gel or acrylic. What I’m wondering is, 1. Do you need to have your own nails l...

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This site has been so helpful in Park Ridge. My question is after taking my polish off after two weeks what is happening to my nails?

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Clean, spread out, nice staff and in Niles by Park Ridge. Play and Spin. They also do up to 30 parties! The place is huge and the nail salon and bar isn’t bad either! :)

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HELP! My mom's feet and nails are a mess by Park Ridge! Can some one recommend a good pedicure place that deals with elder people?

3 months ago on 02/11/2019 at 4:54 PM

Let me know if this post is ok by Park Ridge. St. Monica Academy in Chicago ( Harlem and Foster) is hosting our Annual Gala, March 2, 2019. This is our main fundraiser for the year! It will be held at the Edwards Hotel in Rosemont, all are welcom...

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TODAY ONLY! $10 off mani/pedi $10 off no-chip Valentine nail art by @nail_sienna around Park Ridge! Call us at (847)588-2711 to book your appointment today! #salonmniles #opi #opigelcolor #cnd #cndshellac #nailart #valentinenailart #niles #parkridge #edisonpark #mortongrove #glenview

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St. Andrews School in Park Ridge is looking for donations from our community for our Annual Dinner Dance. This event is our school's biggest fundraiser and will be held on Saturday April 6th at the Park Ridge Country Club. All are invited. For our auction, we are looking for: -Restaurant Gift Certificates...

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Good Afternoon! Sos! Nail salon opened right now to do "Dip" 35$?

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Get out of the storm and come see Sienna for some Mood polish and nail art in Park Ridge! We have some openings today! Call us at (847)588-2711 to book appointment! #salonmniles #nailart #opi #opigelcolor #cnd #cndshellac #niles #edisonpark #mortongrove #glenview #parkridge

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Anyone else notice the decline in Pink Nails around Park Ridge? I just left with a pretty bad pedicure. I asked the woman (who was very nice) to please scrub my feet harder to get calluses off, she barely scrubbed at all, maybe 15 seconds per foot. She obliged and...

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