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Has anyone put there kids in the Maine south pre-school program within Park Ridge? My twins got accepted in there they are turning 4 in June . they are a bit delayed in learning . But was looking for feedback if you liked it , your kids liked it, if you felt like they learned enough...

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Opening night of the winter play went great in Park Ridge! Costumes, hair, set, acting - all amazing! Runs Friday and Saturday. Here is the info. LYSISTRATA, Maine South’s winter play, is February 7-9. This version, based on the Greek comedy written 2, 000 ...

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Our kids used to go the MSW and I’m still on the email distribution list in Park Ridge. The principal sent this alert out via email. I didn’t receive any communication from Washington or D64. Did any of you? “Dear MSW Parents, I received a phone call from Chief Kaminski of the Park R...

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I’m at a loss for summer by Park Ridge. I have a 4 and 6 year old, Park Ridge park camps have no 4 year old camps at Maine Park so I can’t get both kids at Maine park for before and after care. I got an ok for my 4 year old to do before a...

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LYSISTRATA, Maine South’s winter play, is February 7-9 in Park Ridge. This version, based on the Greek comedy written 2, 000 years ago, is appropriate for middle school age and older. This is Ms. McCleneghan’s last play as director before her retirement. We hope you w...

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If anyone is interested for their little future Hawk gymnasts in Park Ridge. Friday 6:00 Maine South will be hosting regionals. Come cheer them on!

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Looking for opinions on the cons of a middle school kid NOT taking a language in 7th and 8th grade in Park Ridge. kid will go to Maine South and continue on to a 4 year college. I understand that she will then have to start with Spanish 1 as a Freshman, but don't fully understand the drawback to that?

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Is anyone interested in renting a 2 bed, 2 bath single family home with fenced yard in Park Ridge? Lease starts 3/1. Home is in centennial park neighborhood and feeds to George Washington, Lincoln and Maine South schools. PM me if interested. Thanks!

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Would anyone be interested in renting a 2 bedroom condo in Park Ridge in Maine South? Laundry in unit, stainless steel appliances, pet friendly, assigned parking spot. Beginning 3/1 or 4/1. Please PM me. Thank you!

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Does anyone else have a Senior at Maine South who cannot find parking even though they have a sticker in Park Ridge? So many cars in the lot without stickers! She drove around for 25 minutes today, no spots! Waiting for a return phone call from the dean.

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This is a MCYAF project for 8th-12th grade students to earn 20 service hours and gain some public speaking experience in Park Ridge. Students research the topic and the we present to the community and legislators. We meet on Sundays at 1pm to prepare and then present some time in April. Our topic this year is the Legalization of Ma...

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Do kids from Maine South participate in an after school fundraising club where they go door to door selling discount cards to earn money for college in Park Ridge? Really wish they would have something in hand that looks official explaining the program. I am terrible at saying no and my naive nature has been scammed too many times. Trying to be generous and help...

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Just a reminder, if you have a senior at a District 207 high school and they are pursuing an education in the health/wellness field, they could receive a $1, 000 scholarship in Park Ridge. All they have to do is follow the directions below for a shot. This includes students from Maine East, Maine South and Maine West.

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Does anyone know about the options in park ridge between sending your child to Maine south and Maine east? I have a friend looking at a house located at 1503 Marguerite which is near the start of the option line. They can’t get a straight answer if they will have the choice to send their children to eith...

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As proud member of this community and part time employee of Jewel-Osco in Park Ridge, I am completely humbled by the generosity of our community to donate over $75, 000 over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons to help feed those in need through the Maine Township Food Pantry. Bless all those that gave whatever they could afford, from rounding up to the next dollar to $200. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Have to say I'm grateful not to say gobble-gobble or jingle- jingle for a while.

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Not only is today the first day of resident registration for the Park District, but it is also Customer Appreciation Day nearby Park Ridge. Stop by the Maine Park Leisure Center for a snack and a chance to win a family pool pass. Also, I learned today that you can’t sign up for the ice skating lessons at the MPLC. Looks like I need to m...

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MCYAF is partnering with the Salvation Army to provide backpacks to the homeless of Maine Township within Park Ridge. Did you know that there are people living in our forest preserves even when it so cold outside? The Salvation Army knows how to find these people and we help provide them with essentials they may need...

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Two coyote in Maine East soccer field watching us take out our garbage out at 9:30 last night nearby Park Ridge. Then they proceed to run across the street to Mayfield. This is the third time I’ve seen coyote down that street. Be careful!