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As a health coach I work for a company that recommends workouts from your own home, but I also know that we're all different and what works for one may not work for another in Park Ridge. I also teach classes at Lifetime, and I seriously freakin' love it there. Everything is perfection, from the LifeCafe, to the group classes, the yoga studio, the kids center, indoor/outdoor pool, kids...

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To piggy back off my earlier question, can anyone recommend a good place to take my kids (4, 3) for swim lessons in Park Ridge. We've tried the park ridge park district, not impressed. I am looking for qualified teachers and small classes. And not too hard on the wallet. Thanks

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My daughter has started teaching private lessons in violin & viola for 3rd-8th graders in Park Ridge. She is a Junior at Maine South in their symphonic & chamber orchestras and has been playing for 9 years. $15/half hour or $20/45 minutes, in your home, after school or on weekends. She's great with ki...

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PIANO LESSONS! Looking for a piano teacher who gives lessons from their home around Park Ridge. I have 2 kids who have taken some lessons, and want to bring them back to learning piano. Any suggestions?

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Swim lessons at centennial for 3 year olds by Park Ridge. Did they work for you or do you suggest Chicago Swim School and the like? Thanks, jenn