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20 days ago on 01/28/2019 at 11:42 PM

It takes thirty seconds close to Park Ridge. The junk mail and credit card offers can wait.

20 days ago on 01/28/2019 at 9:57 PM
1 month ago on 01/15/2019 at 1:05 PM

My mom has caked on grease and gunk on the upper portion of her gas oven within Park Ridge. She tried Easy Off w/ no luck and is worried about cleaning around the gas pipe inside there. The oven is 30 years old, so on it's way out. Any cleaning ideas that would be worthwhile or time to junk ...

1 month ago on 01/14/2019 at 8:24 AM
2 months ago on 11/21/2018 at 1:14 PM

How do I get rid of a giant old tube TV in Park Ridge? Itโ€™s in my basement, i canโ€™t lift it, and Iโ€™m not even sure if I can expect the city (Chicago) to take it from the alley. We do have a pretty dedicated junk man, but Iโ€™m not sure if heโ€™d be ...

5 months ago on 09/17/2018 at 6:15 PM

Looking for someone to haul away a bunch of junk near Park Ridge. Previous house owners left a ton of stuff in the rafters in the garage that i just want to toss, looking for an affordable price!

1 year ago on 05/15/2017 at 8:40 AM

Looking for recommendations on furniture stores that have "ready to deliver" items in Park Ridge. My newly married son and daughter in law are still finishing college. They will be living in an apartment, but have no furniture. My husband and I want to get them a new living room set of good qualit...

2 years ago on 10/07/2016 at 7:47 AM

Anyone have any luck with a brand of luggage that will last in Park Ridge? Went thru samsonite, American touristsr. All junk. Barely made it 3 months before the spine broke. Luggage for heavy business travel. The large size to Check in. Thanks

2 years ago on 10/02/2016 at 1:38 PM

What's the easiest way to get rid of an old refrigerator in Chicago in Park Ridge? Will the junkers take it if put in the alley? ( I know ComEd takes them but someone needs to be home to arrange for pick up and the next appointment isn't for another two weeks. )

2 years ago on 05/18/2016 at 8:13 PM

Hi! My name is Tomas, and I have been lost in Park Ridge since April 17th, 2016. I got out from the 700 block of Busse, and can't find my way back home. I'm 1 year old, rescued from humble beginnings in a junkyard at 3 months old, and although I've been indoors the rest of my life...

3 years ago on 11/11/2015 at 10:53 AM

Looking for goody bag ideas for a 6 year old's gymnastics birthday party in Park Ridge. There will be a mix of boys and girls, and I don't want to hand out the typical junk. I'd love to do a cute (inexpensive) tshirt, but my daughter doesn't like that ide

3 years ago on 10/29/2015 at 8:37 PM

Public Service Announcement: PLEASE change your Facebook password at least once a month in Park Ridge. People who post spam to this site are not spammers, they are regular users that have been hacked. This is a secret site, meaning no one can search, but