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11 days ago on 11/29/2018 at 8:39 PM

Hey people. I know dt pr has some Buikdings open in Park Ridge. But just noticed they recently filled one on nwh with a Jimmy Johns. Now isn’t there already a jersey mikes and potbelly across the street?! Really!?! Three sub joints right there? 👎👎

15 days ago on 11/26/2018 at 7:46 AM
20 days ago on 11/21/2018 at 11:12 AM

This sweet blanket is hanging on the stop sign on the corner of Michael John and Washington in Park Ridge. I’m sure this blanket is very special to someone. It looks like someone found it and hung it there for Leo’s parents to find. I left it in case they retrace their steps but thought I’d post here...

27 days ago on 11/13/2018 at 2:25 PM

St. Thecla Queen of Hearts Raffle will be close to $13, 000 by this Thursday nearby Park Ridge! If you would like a ticket (or tickets), they are just $5 each! Join us at The Garage Bar & Sandwiches Thursday at 9pm, with special guest Lieutenant John Garrido pulling the card. Winner need not be ...

1 month ago on 11/01/2018 at 8:16 AM

If anyone is looking to donate their Halloween candy around Park Ridge. 16TH DISTRICT CANDY DRIVE: PLEASE SHARE NOVEMBER 1 - NOVEMBER 16 In response to a facebook post back in 2015 about a request for candy to send overseas to U. S. Airmen by Melissa Brunelli, we collecte...

1 month ago on 10/14/2018 at 9:52 AM

Stop by my open house today 12-2 at 6504 N in Park Ridge. Oxford Ave - Luxury New Construction in Great Edison Park Location. I'll also have plans on the 2 New Construction Houses were starting in Park Ridge - Low 900's - Finishes will be very similar. Thank...

2 months ago on 10/03/2018 at 9:12 PM
2 months ago on 09/22/2018 at 3:10 PM

Looking for handy man capable as assisting in toliet repair near Park Ridge. Am in process of replacing the wax ring seal but Johnny bolt hardware is old and appears to be part of flange. And of course one of them broke and can’t get it removed. Any one have a recommendation...

2 months ago on 09/20/2018 at 3:55 PM

Alaina Indriolo Moran John Moran Getting ready to host Park Ridge NewComers tonight. Have a private party? Give us a try! Well make you a STAR ⭐️! #addictedtocryo #friends #newcomers #friendstgatfreezetogether #elementalfloat

1 year ago on 05/13/2017 at 1:18 PM

My boys left two of their favorite toys outside one evening this week on the parkway for a few hours around Park Ridge. A Kettler go-cart similar to the one pictured here and the john deere tractor in the picture. They were taken and we think someone thought they were being thrown away since they were on the parkway. O...

1 year ago on 01/30/2017 at 12:31 PM

Illinois is rewriting special education laws nearby Park Ridge. If they pass each district will only get state funding for ONE special education teacher per 141 students. Please write or call your representatives. This affects all Illinois school districts and wil...

2 years ago on 10/01/2016 at 11:11 PM
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2 years ago on 08/22/2016 at 3:52 PM

The Park Ridge Herald-Advocate is looking to talk to Park Ridge residents who have memories of the record-breaking September 1986 flood that left parts of the city under water. If you have a story to share, please email me at jjohnson@pioneerlocal. com and include your name and phone number. Thank you!

2 years ago on 05/23/2016 at 11:02 AM

Just an FYI. If anyone is a fan of Hollywood Vampires they are playing at Rivers Edge in Aurora July 7 close to Park Ridge. They still have 3500 tickets left because the advertising has been terrible for it. For those that don't know them it's Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

2 years ago on 05/21/2016 at 5:41 PM
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2 years ago on 03/07/2016 at 10:07 PM

Just returned from the City Council that addressed the Nursing Home on Greenwood between Busse and Northwest Hwys in Park Ridge. It passed with all the develper's demands. The vote was four to three. The aldermen who voted yes were: Third Ward Aldermen Rick Van Roeyen, First Ward John Moran, Second Ward Nicholas Milissis, Seve...

2 years ago on 02/13/2016 at 10:48 AM

Are you looking to make this Lent more meaningful in Park Ridge? There are women's and men's day-long Lenten retreats at my parish on March 5th and March 12th, respectively. They will be awesome! If you have never visited St. John Cantius, it's a stunning church ju...

2 years ago on 02/01/2016 at 10:45 AM
2 years ago on 01/24/2016 at 8:20 PM

Last night my mom's car was parked on w in Park Ridge. Kathleen near Michael John and sometime between 5 and 8 her car doors were left unlocked and someone had gone through her car.

2 years ago on 01/22/2016 at 8:08 PM
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3 years ago on 11/17/2015 at 10:24 AM

Looking for a venue that can accommodate 200 people and will allow us to bring in and sell alcohol in Park Ridge. This is for a school fundraiser. Called St. John Brebeuf but no dates available. Thanks!

3 years ago on 11/04/2015 at 3:01 PM

Where can I get really great sub sandwich in Park Ridge? Not subway, not jersey mikes or jimmy johns, I mean good ol' italian sub piled with cold cuts and hot giardinera. I'm thinking along the lines of Fontano's Subs, but close to PR. Help my craving!