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Anyone familiar with the policy at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater (Tinley Park) about chairs in Park Ridge? Can you bring in those foldable chairs or is it blankets only for lawn? I looked on the website and it said chairs cannot be 9 inches from ground. Has anyone been there recently? Thanks �

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I am trying to add a 5 foot long mantel to this fireplace (about 6 inches tall) in Park Ridge. However, the stone wall is jagged so it doesn't sit even. I need someone to smooth out that section of the wall to hang it. Anyone do that type of work or know anyone else who does?

2 years ago on 08/05/2016 at 6:17 PM

Admin approved I am doing a special fundraiser in Park Ridge. My dear friend went into labor at 28weeks and gave birth to the most precious little angel: Amelia Lorraine on July 11th at 4:29pm weighing in at 1lb 11oz, 13inches I was able to meet the princess las...

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FROZEN PILLOW STORY BOOK NEW IN BOX $15 - Norridge, Illinois New in box. Plush huggable pillow with a storybook inside. Velcro to keep the pages closed when using as pillow. 15 x 10 inches Sells on Amazon for $24. 95. Easy Porch Pick up Near HIP/RIdgewood HS

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Best places to get high heels cut in Park Ridge? Mine are 4 inches and I need them shorter. I know sometimes they can't be cut a lot but I want to know my options before I decide on a new pair. Thanks!

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Last night my husband and I attended a meeting with the zoning board of Park Ridge. Long story short my husband and I obtained a permit for a tree house. our neighbor complained and the city told us that the treehouse was a few inches too tall and a few inches too close to the lot li...

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Looking for this Lotso plush in Park Ridge. It's my daughters absolute favorite and we need a backup (s)! It's about 7 inches tall and was sold at the Disney store. It's discontinued.

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Anyone know where I can find Adidas wind pants in Park Ridge? Nylon material with a mesh lining like a bathing suit, zipper bottom not cinched.

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I'm considering the purchase of a new TV from Costco to replace one that just now died nearby Park Ridge. Due to space limitations, , can't have one more than 40inches. Any recommendations?

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Fast Lane Action Wheels Large Dump Truck close to Park Ridge. Like new! $12 Almost 20" long. Truck bed moves up and down 5. 5" and holds in place - it doesn't fall if you let go. Moving wheels. Cardboard signs included. Some never even punched out. No lights, no...

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AVON Frozen Cuddle Pillows Elsa & Olaf BRAND NEW $12 AVON Frozen Cuddle Pillows Elsa and Olaf in Park Ridge. Brand New SEALED. Both are 26 inches tall! Elsa sings a selection from "Let It Go" and Olaf lights up in different colors. I have several of each available. $12 Each.

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Happy Friday Park Ridge. does anyone know of someone who can repair a decorative mirror? They are 2 small pieces maybe about 6 inches and 3 inches in length. the wood backing would need to be reinforced as well. I love this m...

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Best bakeries to order cookies in bulk as wedding favors in Park Ridge? Looking for cookies about 6inches in diameter. Thanks!