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I went to a FANTASTIC Thai BYOB restaurant last night in Park Ridge. It's called Herb. The food was outstanding and the presentation was beautiful. The service was amazing as well. The owner was so friendly and told us all about her food. It was fresh, flavorful and go...

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A shout-out to Dolcetti's in Park Ridge. we hosted a holiday party for my husband's work team (who are in the food industry and are major foodies) last week and used them for dessert. Their mini-pastries were both gorgeous and delicious.

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Ready to do some holiday shopping in Park Ridge? Park Ridge Park District Holiday Bazaar is tomorrow at the Senior Center. Lots of great vendors will be there including me. Stop by the Touchstone Crystal booth and check out the gorgeous jewelry for ...

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Looking for a good nearby (within 20 mins of Park Ridge) park. I feel like we've been to all the ones close, and it's too gorgeous of a day off of school to waste inside (we usually go to a museum). Help?

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They are back! The sparkle studs are available to order in Park Ridge! These sell out each time they come back in stock within hours. They look like the real deal and are 1. 5ct for $19. These make a great gift for the holidays and to wear everyday. I hav

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Gap girls red boots $5 - Park ridge Brand new! Gap girls red boots. Pictures don't do them justice! Their gorgeous. Never worn. My daughters too big for them.