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If anyone is looking for discount furniture, let me know in Park Ridge! I’m selling sooo much stuff at great prices to help with my move! if you’re a part of the park ridge virtual garage sale it is listed there with pictures- if not, let me know what you’re looking...

25 days ago on 09/28/2018 at 9:53 AM

Estate/Garage sale. 638 N nearby Park Ridge. Ottawa Park Ridge. Furniture, tools, Chiba, household items. Everything must go.

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1 month ago on 09/23/2018 at 9:30 AM

Hi guys! There is an estate sale today from 10-3 at 215 Grand Blvd by Park Ridge. in park ridge. Tons of beautiful furniture that must go! We can’t wait to see you!

1 month ago on 09/22/2018 at 2:02 PM

I was just vacuuming my living room when a baby squirrel ran past my feet nearby Park Ridge. I screamed, then sprinted to open the front door, which it darted past and up the stairs. Our cat chased it back down the stairs, past the open front door, returning into the living room. I screamed a...

1 month ago on 09/20/2018 at 11:45 PM

Hello dog lovers. Thinking about a puppy here close to Park Ridge. Back and forth between breeder and rescue. Does anyone know if there is a database kept on pet adoption records? We adopted an adult dog , and unfortunately, had to return her to the shelter after abo...

1 month ago on 09/20/2018 at 11:39 PM

If anyone is interested In getting an amazing piece of furniture made by Park Ridge. Aidan is incredible ! Here are some pictures of 3 recently made Murphy beds, made out of cherry wood, that I made and installed yesterday for my friend Terry. Big thanks to his friend Luke who helped ...

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1 year ago on 05/15/2017 at 8:40 AM

Looking for recommendations on furniture stores that have "ready to deliver" items in Park Ridge. My newly married son and daughter in law are still finishing college. They will be living in an apartment, but have no furniture. My husband and I want to get them a new living room set of good qualit...

1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 12:30 PM

Looking for someone who can refinish antique furniture in Park Ridge. Any recommendations? Want experienced person. Thanks

1 year ago on 03/21/2017 at 4:19 PM

What do you do with your outdoor patio furniture with cushions during the summer when not in use by Park Ridge? Our last set we left out in the rain or shine during the summer months and they got destroyed. We got a new set but it seems very impractical to take every cushion off to store every time it's not use...

2 years ago on 10/31/2016 at 8:15 AM

Are you looking for help to move furniture around house, any physical labor jobs in Park Ridge? I have two guys that work for me from time to time and are looking to pick up work this week. They charge $20 an hour, each man, they do not drive but very reliable to get to any location.

2 years ago on 10/17/2016 at 10:24 AM

Posting for my friend who has a recycle business located in his rented space on Austin near Oak Park close to Park Ridge. He has lots of treasures to sell furniture, shelving, buckets, bubble wrap and more. Call him if youre looking for something specific or just want to browse He will also deliver for a fee.

2 years ago on 10/15/2016 at 9:09 PM

Does anyone on this site know anything about refinishing/refurbishing furniture in Park Ridge? I bought a dresser from an online garage sale site that I was going to sand down and repaint, but I really like the look of the chippy/distressed paint. So. . I was thinking of just leaving it as is. ...

2 years ago on 10/14/2016 at 6:36 PM

We are looking to spruce up this sun porch so it doesn't feel like a sun porch by Park Ridge. Any thoughts? Warmer furniture? Curtains? Some kind of shades? Rug? Help!

2 years ago on 09/30/2016 at 5:37 PM

Big shout out to Anthony Porrello the mattress guy by Park Ridge! We got 2 mattresses for my girls and they are top quality at amazing prices! We also have gotten furniture from him, definitely a great guy to deal with!

2 years ago on 09/27/2016 at 3:24 PM

I know a few people post on here asking about moving furniture & other items by Park Ridge. I've used this dolly app twice. It's super easy, very conviant.

2 years ago on 09/24/2016 at 1:33 PM

Looking for an interior designer nearby Park Ridge. I posted this awhile back, but can't find it. Interested in doing a dining room, guest bedroom and master bedroom, as well as some light fixture ideas for several rooms in the house. Ideally the perso...

2 years ago on 09/11/2016 at 9:29 PM

Has anyone ever redone their kitchen cabinets with Ann Sloane paint, or done a shabby chic look on their actual kitchen cabinets nearby Park Ridge? I'm thinking of redoing mine myself. I have done other pieces of furniture, but not actual kitchen cabinets. I have a small kitchen, but quite a few cabinets, I have tall cabinets on the other side to...

2 years ago on 09/10/2016 at 9:48 AM

Looking for a few good places to go thrifting for furniture, aside from Goodwill of course in Park Ridge. Doesn't have to be local, but nothing out of state or more than like 30 minutes away. Any suggestions?

2 years ago on 09/04/2016 at 1:16 PM

Anybody ever have to use a flea bomb in Park Ridge? My father lives in Downers Grove and is having a major flea problem this year. He has two dogs and one of them is covered in fleas, while the pup just has a few. We can't figure out if the house is in...

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Garage sale from 10AM to 3PM tomorrow & Sunday at Dempster/Marshall in Des Plaines in Park Ridge. LOTS of little girls clothing (newborn to 3T), baby clothes, toys, adult clothing, electronics, furniture, books, DVDs, home decor, etc. Come on by!

2 years ago on 08/09/2016 at 8:55 AM

Are your kids’ closets, drawers and toy chests overflowing in Park Ridge? If you'd like the chance to sell a lot of stuff all in one place without having a "real" garage sale - then register to sell at our upcoming Fall/Winter Park Ridge Newcomers Kids' Sale! Sell your VERY...

2 years ago on 08/05/2016 at 12:31 PM

Are your kidsu2019 closets, drawers and toy chests overflowing around Park Ridge? If you'd like the chance to sell a lot of stuff all in one place without having a "real" garage sale - then register to sell at our upcoming Fall/Winter Park Ridge Newcomers Kids' Sale! Sell your VERY...

2 years ago on 08/05/2016 at 12:04 PM

Anyone know of any good furniture stores in Park Ridge? I'm looking for a nice couch/sectional that won't cost a fortune! please let me know of places :)