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Contact us today for free estimates nearby Park Ridge! Patriot concrete cleaning & sealing We specialize in concrete cleaning & sealing +Stamped concrete +Concrete +Aggregate concrete +Brick pavers +Re-Sanding brick pavers We offer a wet look Sealer & Mat...

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We are looking for estimates for a patio door and windows around Park Ridge. Looking for an honest, reputable company. Any suggestions? Thanks, in advance!

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Had my railings and 2 rooms Painted so very happy with the job in Park Ridge! Clean professional and on time He did free estimates and everything looks amazing ! Local too ! Basement ceiling and hallway is getting painted next week ! Rich 847 756 0803

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Dirty roofs anyone? An actual home serviced by ChicagoLandSoftWash by Park Ridge. com Have you ever notice as of late when driving through your neighborhoods that you have started to see more and more dirty black streaks on roofs of homes and even businesses? And as you start to no...

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Patriot concrete cleaning & sealing We specialize in concrete cleaning & sealing +Stamped concrete STARTING @ in Park Ridge. 60C SQ FT +Concrete STARTING @ . 40C SQ FT +Aggregate concrete STARTING @ . 75C SQ FT +Brick pavers Re-Sanding STARTING @$1. 10 SQ FT DEPENDS ON BRICK JOINT SIZE & WEED GROWTH ALL ABOVE SERVICES INCLU...

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Planning a graduation party soon in Park Ridge? Looking at your grout and tile wishing it was cleaner? Running out of time before the guests arrive? We can take care of all your cleaning and sealing needs. We have been in the tile business for 25 y...

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Hello 🙂 If anyone needs or knows someone that needs tree stump removal, Shrub removal Light trimming my husband is local and ready around Park Ridge! Fast Affordable Professional Call, text, email to set up free estimate Price varies with size and accessibility of stump. Feel free to PM me or call/ text my husband, Sebastian 309-360-9252

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Whitewash Chicago specializes in Limewashing any brick or stone interior/exterior around Park Ridge. Romabio limewash is a non-toxic formula, resists UV damage, non peeling or flaking, durable and breathable finish with no maintenance required. For a free estimate call 630-923-1071

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A routine inspection of our flood control system detected a sewer line failure, where our line meets the main, under our street in South Prospect in Park Ridge. We’ve been told this is our responsibility to repair. We have a few (costly) repair estimates all that involve ripping open the street in front of the house. Sergio Sewer & Drain provided a fair pri...

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Patriot concrete cleaning & sealing We specialize in concrete cleaning & sealing Protect & beautify your concrete by Park Ridge! +Stamped concrete +Concrete +Aggregate concrete +Brick pavers +Re-Sanding brick pavers We offer a wet look Sealer & Matte look sealer for All concrete surfaces Contact today for a free estimate 630-92...

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Www. Whitewashchicago in Park Ridge. com We specialize in Limewashing any brick or stone interior/exterior. Average fireplace cost $300 + Non-toxic formula will not harm lawn, trees, plants and animals +Resists UV damage, peeling or flak...

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I am looking for someone to move a piano by Park Ridge. American Music World has been called, but I need another estimate. Thanks!

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People are often looking for stump removal, trimming etc in Park Ridge. I have used Montoya but just had the below contractor remove this stump. He was prompt, efficient and reasonable. FREE ESTIMATES FOR TREE SERVICES CALL 8155017171. JORGE CRUZ

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Good Morning! My sister in Lake Zurich is looking for recommendations for a spray insulation guy/company that is reasonably priced, does quality work and is reliable- does this exist by Park Ridge? So far all of her estimates have been outrageous or calls go unreturned. She needs it for the addition to her house- sprayed inside. Thanks for your time and help!

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I'm an investor in this concrete raising company and stand behind their top-quality service nearby Park Ridge. -- Just pm or call me (c: 847-533-7115) and I will arrange an estimate for you. Thanks much, John

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Looking for recommendations to get a few estimates to completely demo and re-do a smaller size basement in Park Ridge? Please only recommend someone you have actually used in the past thank you 😊

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Looking to get a few estimates done and need some referrals: 1 around Park Ridge. ) garage (fully knocked down and rebuilt) 2. ) driveway 3. ) basement glass block window replaced Thanks!

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Soliciting at the door is illegal in Park Ridge, correct? Suspicious big male at least 6 ‘6” rang our front bell about 5 pm tonight during snow storm in the dark. By the time I made it to door he had left but soon returned and rang bell again. He asked f...