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1 day ago on 03/21/2019 at 5:51 PM

Looking for a fun girls weekend hotel downtown in Park Ridge. anyone have any recommendations for hotel that have happy hour, spa specials, etc?

7 days ago on 03/15/2019 at 4:04 PM
22 days ago on 02/28/2019 at 5:13 PM

AVAILABLE July 1st 2019, showings to beginning April 1st by Park Ridge. This beautifully remodeled 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo in the heart of downtown Arlington Heights will be available for rent beginning July 1st. Walking distance to the Metra Union Pacific Northwest L...

1 month ago on 02/18/2019 at 9:43 PM

Hello Chatters! Was wondering if anyone has had experience with Warren Barr Gold Coast Orthopeadic Rehabilitation in Park Ridge. Looking for recommendations for my Mom that just had Hip/Femur surgery. We would like her to be Downtown-But open to surrounding areas. (Medicare/Blue Cross) Thank you in advance!

1 month ago on 02/15/2019 at 5:50 PM

Hello! My husband and I are looking for hotel ideas in downtown Chicago or suburbs that have a full spa and bar/restaurant as well (celebrating our birthdays and Anniversary) in Park Ridge. I’m willing to look past the restaurant as we can go out to eat. Lake Geneva is out of the question as my parents will be there the same weekend we want to celebrate. If it matters the dates are 3. ...

1 month ago on 02/11/2019 at 9:37 AM

Looking to hire a full time administrative assistant in my office by Park Ridge. Office is located in downtown Chicago. Hours are 7:30-4:00. Position includes vacation/sick time and health insurance. Please message me if you are interested or pass my info on to anyone you know! Yo...

1 month ago on 02/03/2019 at 10:25 AM

Looking for recommendations for a ladies night out in Park Ridge. Not downtown. Live music and good food a plus.

1 month ago on 02/01/2019 at 10:55 PM

Looking for more ideas to do downtown for a girls weekend (soon)- we have dinner reservations and tickets to Hamilton in Park Ridge. No spa as we want to spend as much time together. Wine bar? Irish music? Piano bar? We’re all familiar w the city, just wondering what other fun ideas people have done.

1 month ago on 02/01/2019 at 2:10 PM

A PSA for those who are looking to sell or purchase vinyl (records - for all you youngsters) within Park Ridge. This is one of 2 shops recently opened in Barrington The other is Rainbow Records on NW Hwy. The shop featured in image is in downtown Barrington by the post office. Clean the dust off those needles a...

1 month ago on 01/29/2019 at 4:07 PM
2 months ago on 01/21/2019 at 7:33 AM

Good morning! Those of you or people you may know that have gotten married at Saint Paul of the cross where was the reception at nearby Park Ridge? Could anyone recommend a place that’s not to far for guest? We have a place in mind but it’s in downtown and wasn’t sure if that was to far. Thank you

2 months ago on 01/09/2019 at 2:52 PM
2 months ago on 01/07/2019 at 8:39 PM
2 months ago on 01/04/2019 at 5:11 PM

Having friends in from out of the country for 4 days this month in Park Ridge. Wanting to plan some fun outings within an hour that are must sees while avoiding downtown. Thanks

2 months ago on 01/02/2019 at 4:34 PM

My neighbors are in their 90’s and the husband was recently hospitalized and is now in rehab at Resurrection on Greenwood by Park Ridge. We live straight down Oakton near the ice rink. I just picked up the wife to bring her home and she told me that Park Ridge Cab charged her $40 on Christmas Eve day and Christmas to go between rehab a...

2 months ago on 12/30/2018 at 9:50 PM

Would anyone be interested in renting a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2nd floor condo in Park Ridge in District 64 and 207 beginning April 1, 2019? Walk to the train, 4 blocks from downtown PR, private parking, pets permitted, freshly painted, updated light fixtures. Please PM me for additional info!

2 months ago on 12/26/2018 at 4:08 PM
2 months ago on 12/26/2018 at 1:41 PM

I read that the “walkers” for ice skating at rosemont we’re only during character skate in Park Ridge. Does anyone know of ice skating in the area preferably outside that has “walkers”? Or if The ribbon downtown does? I’d like to take my kids but one has never skated and the other isn’t great a...

3 months ago on 12/10/2018 at 10:01 PM
3 months ago on 12/08/2018 at 12:31 PM

Any recommendations on a limo company around Park Ridge? We don't want to use Uber or Lyft. Just looking for a drop off downtown no pick up.

3 months ago on 11/27/2018 at 4:27 PM

I just got downtown to the Inner Voice office and my coworkers helped unload my car in Park Ridge. It was packed to the gills! Tomorrow two vans are going to come and pick up the furniture and other large items. Thanks to everyone who donated items for our formerly homeless clients’ homes. You ha...

3 months ago on 11/27/2018 at 7:56 AM

Are blue line trains running ok in the downtown direction near Park Ridge? Waiting for a bus due to hazardous/impassable sidewalks on Busse and debating blue line vs Metra.

3 months ago on 11/26/2018 at 7:57 AM

Hi chatters , Happy Snow in Park Ridge! So how are the roads ? I'm traveling from downtown Chicago to park Ridge. Just want to be safe.

4 months ago on 11/22/2018 at 8:51 AM

Where can we go to see Santa on a weekday downtown close to Park Ridge? It appears Macy’s Santa only works weekends.

4 months ago on 11/20/2018 at 7:32 PM
4 months ago on 11/16/2018 at 10:26 AM

Last call for new or “like new” beanie baby donations in Park Ridge! I want to bring them downtown Monday morning, so please let me know if you have any. I can pick them up this weekend. Thank you! 🐰🦊🐸🐱🐻🐷🐨🐯

4 months ago on 10/30/2018 at 2:47 PM

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION NEAR PARK RIDGE! 11 N Northwest Hwy Park Ridge Spacious 2 bdrm & 1 bath apt for rent Move in ready RENT is $1100 Tenant pays for electricity, gas, and cable 1 designated parking spot Washer & dryer in unit Walking dis...

4 months ago on 10/26/2018 at 1:26 PM

Any restaurant ideas for downtown st by Park Ridge. louis for a larger group of teens there for a tournament? american/pasta type? no need for private room i don't believe but need a place with space to sit

5 months ago on 10/19/2018 at 11:36 AM
5 months ago on 10/11/2018 at 7:46 PM

Anyone know anyone looking for a job in Park Ridge? My office is looking for an administrative assistant. My office is downtown. Hours are 7:30-4:00. Insurance and vacation/sick time are included. Outlook, Word and Excel experience preferred. Please me...