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Hope it's ok to post this but I can't stop smiling at this and want to share close to Park Ridge. Plus, Shelly Villalobos is a gal. Her boy, Luke is quite a special lil guy at Maine East. This adorable therapy dog brings so much love and peace to the kids. I know my son loves him...

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This dog was found on Peterson in Park Ridge and is now at CACC! Please share to get home quickly! Only a 3 day stray hold at animal control!

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Loving the new Starbucks in Park Ridge! Hating all the trash everyone is tossing from it. Sad, that it's been open since Thursday and all I see is Starbucks cups thrown everywhere when I walk the dogs. Sigh

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Looking for someone to clean my house about once every two weeks around Park Ridge. Trustworthy. Willing to send dog to doggy daycare on days house is being cleaned. Live in Niles near jonquil park.

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I know this has been asked a million times but I am looking for a housekeeper referral nearby Park Ridge. Please only refer if you have used this person yourself. They must be dog friendly as well. Thanks! :)

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Recommendations for a step garbage can that the dog cannot open nearby Park Ridge! Every single one I purchased, my two dogs can manage to lift up! Every night I have to put a stool on top of the garbage can so they don't get in there and dig!

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Hello! Our beloved nanny is leaving and we are in search of a new nanny for our 1 & 3 year old nearby Park Ridge. Essentially it is around 36-40 hours Mon-Fri but we need someone who can be flexible with the hours and must love dogs as we have a golden retriever. Must be super fun and very energetic and not afrai...

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Illinois is rewriting special education laws nearby Park Ridge. If they pass each district will only get state funding for ONE special education teacher per 141 students. Please write or call your representatives. This affects all Illinois school districts and wil...

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Important Notice, Park District looking for citizen input at January 26 board meeting around Park Ridge. Go to Public Watchdog for details. This is important. They want to award No Bid contract to architect who gets his pay based on cost of project! Hinkley Field work.

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Pooping and scooping has decided to run a Mid season special this week only since it will be in high 40s in Park Ridge. We are charging 39. 95 for one dog 5 dollars for each additional dog. Jan 8th -13th THIS IS FOR THIS WEEK ONLY ! Call Louie at 224-202-3298 Call a professional been in business since 2011. We send out...

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Need help finding a groomer near Park Ridge. I have a 1 1/2 year old shih tzu male. He always did well in grooming but last 2 places kept him there for 5 hours and kept putting him back in cage and then gets stressed. Please-does anyone know if ...

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I've volunteered with Lost Dogs Illinois for years and can say first-hand they are a really awesome group of people who work hard every day to help families, and all services are completely FREE in Park Ridge! Besides reuniting lost/found dogs, Lost Dogs Illinois also attends many events in low income neighborhoods to provide free collars, leashes and ID tags. Please consider donating today for #GivingTuesd...

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Looking for a dog groomer by Park Ridge. We had previously went to our veterinary' office. The groomer's name was Shawna, she was wonderful. Just called to make an appointment, was told she is no longer there. � so I would sure appreciate ...

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Looking for someone that could watch my dog over winter break nearby Park Ridge. This could be in my home or yours. I have tried several places and everyone is booked. Thanks!

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Last minute request for someone to watch my yorkie from Friday night through Sunday close to Park Ridge. Last time a great couple on Talcott who were vet technicians took care of him and my other dog but lost their contact! Any takers? Thanks!

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I just saw a coyote sitting in the street at Cedar and Lincoln nearby Park Ridge. Just want all dog and cat owners in the neighborhood to beware.

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Anyone know of a good dog groomer in the area by Park Ridge? I have two Whippet boys that need their nails clipped. Thanks!

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Not long ago someone put a fix for skunk spray in the house in Park Ridge. My little sisters dog got sprayed and went into the shop part of their home and now they need a fix. ideas please, and thank you.