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13 days ago on 10/31/2018 at 10:33 AM

Are the businesses on Devon in South Park hosting trick or treating this year in Park Ridge? I haven’t been able to find any information about it

24 days ago on 10/20/2018 at 3:03 PM

Amitbul on Milwaukee south of Devon by Park Ridge. Vegan. If you are sick you must get Dr. K's cure all soup. Guarantee it will make you feel better. Warning: it's a little spicy.

26 days ago on 10/18/2018 at 7:05 PM
1 month ago on 10/11/2018 at 3:25 PM

Any other record collectors here in Park Ridge? Just wanted to share that I checked out TechNoir on Devon today and they have an absolutely fabulous collection of new and old records. Feeling blessed we have such a great record store in beautiful P...

1 month ago on 10/04/2018 at 9:19 PM
1 month ago on 10/04/2018 at 6:47 PM

Found out a record store opened up on Devon & Cumberland a few days ago in Park Ridge. Checked it out today and I have to say, I'm extremely excited. Great variety of music, welcoming atmosphere, and they sell more than just records. Support our local businesses, go check out TechNoir!

1 month ago on 09/28/2018 at 7:10 AM

FREE new and gently used boxes by Park Ridge. Park Ridge near Devon and Canfield. Send me a PM to arrange pickup.

1 month ago on 09/25/2018 at 9:37 PM

Looking for Vendors and Crafts People for a Ladies Evening out Christmas Bazaar at Edgebrook Lutheran Church on Devon in Chicago in Park Ridge. Friday, November 30th from 6-10. $20 table fee which will be donated to Christmas Charities and Food Pantries. Any recommendations would be wonderful. Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Stella and Dot, Traveling...

1 month ago on 09/24/2018 at 10:38 PM

People just an FYI. On Devon west of Western be careful around Park Ridge! For the last 2 weeks I have heard skidding and seen cars come so close to hitting Bucks and deer running across from the forest preserve! Be careful! And also. If your on 90 East and want to exit Cumb...

1 month ago on 09/24/2018 at 6:49 PM

UPDATE: I went over and the building is coming down today around Park Ridge. They said they would try and clip the lights for me if they can reach them. I'm off to look for some boxes and grab some cash. Fingers crossed! HELP! Can anyone advise me on who is tearing down this b...

1 month ago on 09/20/2018 at 12:45 PM

For those who missed the updated post, Jade Asian Cuisine on Devon is not closing around Park Ridge. I ordered delivery last night and spoke to Jade Li. They are also offering 10% off to members of Please spread the word.

2 months ago on 09/15/2018 at 12:12 AM

UPDATE: Jade is NOT closing in Park Ridge! See comments. Jade on Devon is closing in two weeks for the same reason that Jason's and everything else good in this town is closing: Rent is too high and even busy businesses are making zero profits...

2 months ago on 08/31/2018 at 8:16 AM
1 year ago on 04/30/2017 at 7:53 AM
1 year ago on 03/09/2017 at 6:52 PM

There was another break in today on Delphia between Talcott and Devon in Park Ridge. Happened around 11:30am. No one was home. Police told me they had the "kids" in custody along with the owners possessions. I asked if they were from the area and he said he didn't know. He said break ...

2 years ago on 10/10/2016 at 9:14 AM

The pumpkin smashing hooligans were out last night at around midnight in Park Ridge. They came up our front stairs to grab 2 and smash them not in the street but at the bottom of our stairs on the sidewalk. If you live in the 'hood around Canfield & Devon and your kids were out and ab...

2 years ago on 09/30/2016 at 7:33 PM

I want to recommend Gino's East on Devon close to Park Ridge. It reopened across from Casino 2 months ago. (Formerly located on Higgins) it is near in the the big fountain with the big statue of the former Mayor of Rosemont. We had dinner tonight there with the ...

2 years ago on 09/30/2016 at 10:55 AM
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2 years ago on 08/29/2016 at 4:33 PM

24 Month PJ lot $5 - Chicago, IL (60631) All Carters very good used condition in Park Ridge. Easy porch pick up near harlem/devon or will meet in park ridge

2 years ago on 08/29/2016 at 4:30 AM

Skechers Girls school shoes size 1 $20 - Chicago, IL (60646) Skechers Girls Navy school shoes size 1 in Park Ridge. They are like new, my daughter wore them for a couple hours but they were just too big in May and now they're too small. Pick up Cicero & Devon or can meet More pix in comments

2 years ago on 08/28/2016 at 1:05 PM
2 years ago on 08/28/2016 at 11:07 AM

Girls Size 5 Lucky Brand (run small) $5 - Chicago, IL (60631) Lucky Brand Tees in Park Ridge. Size 5T but fit like 4T. Excellent condition $5 for both. PPU Devon near Canfield.

2 years ago on 08/28/2016 at 11:01 AM

3t thanksgiving outfit in Park Ridge. Bonnie jean brand $10 - Edgebrook by Devon and central or will meet Great condition

2 years ago on 08/27/2016 at 2:38 PM

Girls OLD NAVY winter puffer coat jacket in Park Ridge. Black with purple accents. Size Large L, 10/12 $5 - Chicago, IL (60631) Black with purple accents. Size Large L, 10/12. $5 porch pick up near Milwaukee and Devon. Cross posted. Priority goes to first...

2 years ago on 08/05/2016 at 4:41 PM

Indoor and Outdoor Toys for Kids and Baby and a few Nursery items $5 - Chicago, IL (60646) Indoor and Outdoor kids/baby toys in Park Ridge. PPU in Sauganash near Devon/Cicero. Toys listed below all $5 or $10. Radio Flyer pink push tricycle, only works as a pusher. Does not work as just a tricycle. - $10 Fisher Price Soccer/Basketball Toy ...

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