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1 month ago on 05/14/2020 at 11:13 AM

Hi all. I need fast advice for a call I have scheduled at noon today in Park Ridge. I signed my sophomore daughter up for summer program from Leadership Initiatives. It was supposed to be held for a week at Georgetown University. Given current circumstances, they have offered me thre...

3 months ago on 04/02/2020 at 8:52 PM

Park Ridge families shined last night! Hundreds of homes joined Park Ridge Living Magazine and United with Light! Thank you all for participating by placing beautiful luminaries and candles outside your homes as we offered support to the m...

3 months ago on 03/18/2020 at 2:20 PM

Hi friends. I hope everyone is staying healthy within Park Ridge! Do we have any attorneys on here? I need somebody to speak with regarding our wedding venue contract. I understand being bound by contract however in light of the current circumstances I need to know ...

3 months ago on 03/18/2020 at 11:00 AM

Video of workouts on our page near Park Ridge. Health is wealth. If you didnt get that by now, considering the circumstances of today, you definitely should now! Hit the share button help eachother out!

3 months ago on 03/15/2020 at 7:09 AM

In light of the virus, is it too late to get an absentee ballot so we don’t have to cue up to vote by Park Ridge? If it’s too late can that be changed under the circumstances if we raise enough hell? ;)-

7 months ago on 12/07/2019 at 9:21 AM

Anyone know where I could get a large cupcake/smash cake type of deal for today in Park Ridge? 😬 due to some horrible unfortunate circumstances, our original plan is out of the question. Doesn’t even need to be a full smash cake! Like a big cupcake would work too! Thanks!

7 months ago on 11/22/2019 at 8:53 AM

This is Finn, Finn has lysomal storage disease a terminal diagnosis around Park Ridge. He is 11 months old, blind and has weak back legs. Because of his diagnosis our vet suggested we only give him mandatory vaccines and nothing extra and just let him live out his final days. My kids fo...

7 months ago on 11/21/2019 at 1:08 AM
1 year ago on 11/12/2018 at 11:44 AM

Due to family circumstances this year we are catering Thanksgiving dinner in Park Ridge. If any of you are considering doing the same wanted to let you know that Jewel has three packages. Problem is they can’t handle order over phone. Their flier forwards to a corporate line and then to...

4 years ago on 01/01/2016 at 12:44 PM

Thinking this is going to be a long shot, but does anyone here do worm composting in Park Ridge? I have done it for YEARS, but due to unforeseen circumstances, my bins were neglected and my worms all died. Does anyone have some I can have? I'll be glad to return them after my bins are re-establis...