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8 days ago on 05/16/2020 at 1:46 PM

I recommend him any chance I get because his work is wonderful around Park Ridge. Shout out once again to Dave Hays for saving our summer with this yard.

14 days ago on 05/10/2020 at 12:23 PM

Hi, all! Any chance one of you has a polar ice machine laying around from a previous injury or surgery in Park Ridge? I used one for my back and it was a life saver. I don't see anything for sale close by and am in desperate need for a family member. Please let me know if you have one and are willing to sell or loan ...

14 days ago on 05/10/2020 at 12:16 PM

Happy Mother’s Day to all around Park Ridge! Anyone by chance been to Costco in Niles today? How crazy was it?

26 days ago on 04/29/2020 at 8:33 AM

If anyone is looking for work - please pass along: Need a job by Park Ridge? We are leading the charge against COVID 19 and assisting with hiring for Abbott Lab's Apollo 2020 Project. This project will be assembling the COVID 19 testing kits to be sent out to thousands of site...

28 days ago on 04/26/2020 at 12:11 PM

Ok costco run tomorrow morning in Park Ridge. what time do they open to public and what time do i need to get there to wait in line to get in and what are the chances i’ll get any lysol products or scott toilet paper ? what days are early entry...

1 month ago on 04/21/2020 at 11:30 AM

Unite with Light Park Ridge! Together we make a difference! Join us again (week 4) tomorrow night at 8 pm to honor our healthcare heroes and first responders! Free luminaries! We have free pickup now until 6 pm tonight and tomorr...

1 month ago on 04/19/2020 at 2:38 PM

Just got paperwork in from City Hall for car and dog registration in Park Ridge. What are the chances that we’re going to have a July 4th celebration at Maine East? We donate every year, but I’m skeptical. Thoughts John Moran?

1 month ago on 04/19/2020 at 1:05 PM

Grand Mongolian Hot Pot opened in the Noodles location just before the lockdown in Park Ridge. We had the good fortune to eat there before it closed. They have recently opened up with a different but equally delicious menu. Please order from them if you get a chance. We tried the Bulgogi Beef a...

1 month ago on 04/15/2020 at 7:27 PM

Unite with Light Park Ridge! Together we make a difference! Join us again (week 3) tonight at 8 pm! Free luminaries! Last week we were able to deliver to most of you that requested one, but the rain really slowed the volunteers d...

1 month ago on 04/15/2020 at 6:19 PM

IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT OUR SERVICE CHANGES FOR Tony's Italian Deli & Subs ! in Park Ridge! Please read completely ! Starting Friday April 17 we will be open from 9am to 3pm for in store shopping. We will allow 10 people in at a time, please follow in store policies. Social di...

1 month ago on 04/03/2020 at 9:22 AM

ACCENTS BY JENNY In order to protect ourselves, our family and most of all to do our part in our community, we are taking a temporary pause in Park Ridge. We are not necessary and with cases widespread in our immediate area now, we don't want to take any chances (even with the upmost sanitary precautions). It's not worth it. We will keep you updated as ...

2 months ago on 03/23/2020 at 11:14 AM
2 months ago on 03/21/2020 at 7:16 AM

Hi All! Anyone know if there is a chance that Park Ridge is working on a limited amount of customers in the store at once? I know Trader Joes is starting it, anywhere else? Oak Park is doing it and working really well!

2 months ago on 03/17/2020 at 4:47 PM

There are still more FREE Park Ridge-Opoly games out which means you still have a chance to get in on the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce's "Snap & Win" Contest. There are games available at City Hall, courtesy of John Moran and there are games at Coyne & Company Insurance 778 Busse Hwy. (the games at my office our in our lobby, but that is typically locked fr...

2 months ago on 03/14/2020 at 9:40 PM

Hi did anyone go to the Costco in niles today within Park Ridge? Wondering whether to take a chance tomorrow morning to stock up on some food items. Was there still a selection or empty like most of the other stores?

2 months ago on 03/13/2020 at 5:31 PM

With all of the schools closing down, I am providing more tutoring slots for the next few weeks for elementary, middle school and high school students in Park Ridge. I will also try to provide discounted rates for anyone that contacts me today and tomorroW to schedule lessons. I am an ACT/SAT/PSAT tutor as well as All math levels up to calculus, English, writing a...

2 months ago on 03/09/2020 at 10:57 AM

My daughter lost this ring at Jaycee park yesterday around Park Ridge. It is her great grandmother’s ring. It has a small chip diamond on it with a starburst carved around the chip. I told her not to wear it but she did anyway. If anyone sees it please let me know. I k...

2 months ago on 03/04/2020 at 8:31 PM

We're excited: The Real Park Ridge (magazine, website and e-mail newsletter) launches in just a few days, and it'll be unlike anything in the area. we promise. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@therealparkridge) and/or share this message of our first cover for a chance to win four tickets to the Improv Chicago Comedy Club in Schaumburg March 19-...

3 months ago on 01/30/2020 at 9:33 AM

Have you heard of the new business StretchLab that's going into the old Snap Kitchen space on NW Hwy by Panera by Park Ridge? Husband and I went for a free 15 minute assisted stretch last night at a pop up demo in Dick Pond last night. It was A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. Christina Combs is the owner and is really knowledgeable! My u...

4 months ago on 01/17/2020 at 11:41 AM

Get your tickets in advance near Park Ridge. Save $5 AND get 3 FREE raffle tickets to win a 50" TV and MORE! Buy your ticket at the door and get just 1 FREE ticket. Only $35 AND a chance to win great prizes. You can't beat this deal!

4 months ago on 01/14/2020 at 7:09 PM

Good evening, everyone by Park Ridge! Does anyone by chance have ideas on where I can donate gently used books and textbooks? They are all in pristine condition! It’s not worth it to sell them because resale prices are ridiculous and I ...

4 months ago on 01/14/2020 at 6:37 PM

Will they still pick up Christmas trees this week by Park Ridge? Or did we miss our chance last week? Thanks

4 months ago on 01/09/2020 at 3:38 PM
4 months ago on 01/03/2020 at 6:53 PM

Have you always wanted to tour beautiful Tuscany, but never had the chance? within Park Ridge! There is no better time than now! Join the Park Ridge Chamber this October for the trip of a lifetime. For more information, all are welcome to attend our information session this F...

4 months ago on 01/01/2020 at 1:39 PM

I just want to thank all the homeowners who shoveled their snow in Park Ridge. It gave me a chance to safely get some exercise and walk my dog!

4 months ago on 12/28/2019 at 6:11 AM
5 months ago on 12/23/2019 at 1:20 AM

If you have a chance to go see this play with your kiddos, it is so worth it in Park Ridge! Family fun in the city. (Discounted Water Tower parking too. )

5 months ago on 12/19/2019 at 3:23 PM

Last Chance Holiday Offer in Park Ridge! Only 4 Days Left! Gift the experience of complete relaxation to your friends and family this holiday with our 3 great offers! Offer 1-Enjoy a 90 Minute float session for only $69! ($100 value) Offer 2...

5 months ago on 12/18/2019 at 1:20 PM

Tomorrow on Thursday from 6pm a Christmas bazaar at the HUNTERS restaurant in Elmwood Park ( 7232 W in Park Ridge. Diversey ). Beautifully packaged gifts for friends and family, teachers. Beautiful fresh traditional polish style Christmas decorations, hand-made angels. The last chance for shopping before Christmas...

5 months ago on 12/14/2019 at 12:51 PM

I have two tickets to see Wilco at The Chicago Theater on Sunday night in Park Ridge. Tickets $80 each and are in BALC2R. This is what I paid for them so no profit for me. Just a chance for you to see an awesome band!