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I have about 8 large boxes of artificial greens to donate somewhere around Park Ridge. They are textile and plastic. ferns, spider plants, English ivy, grape ivy, palms, philodendron, etc. They would be great for flower arrangements, wreaths, decorating or even for a live theater set. l...

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Looking for moving boxes in Park Ridge. Have rooms painted and need to put stuff away till finished. Thanks

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Does anyone know if the Prairie lot uptown is still free on evenings and weekends now that it has been converted from payboxes to modern pay terminals. in Park Ridge? The signage says nothing about evenings and weekends, so it's a bit vague. I tried looking on the Park Ridge website and can't find anything about these recent changes to this lot.

2 months ago on 12/20/2018 at 4:49 PM

Today, with all your help we donated 1562 boxes which made 42 410 bandaids by Park Ridge. This was our biggest donation in our 5 years. We couldn't do it without your help. You all, helped us to make many kid's days in hospital little happier. We met with Daniela's special nurse today and ...

2 months ago on 12/11/2018 at 11:00 AM

Does anyone know where I can donate a bunch of prescription eyeglasses in Park Ridge? Thanks. I remember there used to be those little boxes here and there that you can drop your glasses in. I haven't seen them lately.

2 months ago on 12/10/2018 at 6:35 PM

If anyone has heavy duty boxes or bins they are not using and wouldn't mind donating them nearby Park Ridge. we need more boxes for heavy items to deliver them to the hospital. please message me if you can drop off! so greatly appreciated!

2 months ago on 12/07/2018 at 9:15 AM

Boxes: Break 'em Down by Park Ridge! Good: After all of your Christmas gifts are delivered, be sure to BREAK YOUR BOXES DOWN before putting them in your recycling toter. Better: Pull the plastic packing tape off the boxes before they go ...

2 months ago on 12/07/2018 at 8:31 AM

Place your order today in Park Ridge! A Holiday party in a Box! Cake Art by Kristen and Elizabeth Sweeties are partnering to bring you these beautiful Holiday treat boxes, filled with 24 delicious hand decorated items. They come tied with...

2 months ago on 12/06/2018 at 10:01 PM

Gem of a store. Nifty Gifts 7331 N in Park Ridge. Harlem between Touhy & Howard. Can’t beat the deals - it’s a closeout & floor sample store. Everything is 1/2 of the ticketed price. All kinds of fun stuff. If you need holiday gift bags & adorabl...

2 months ago on 12/06/2018 at 9:17 PM

This is 17 384 bandaids ( 2 layers of bandaid boxes in each box) which we collected so far thanks to all your help by Park Ridge. Can we do 20 000 happier kids? I know we can. If you still would like to donate some bandaids for kids in hospital, you can drop them of at Trader Joe's in Park Ridge until Saturday December 15th. Dan...

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Don’t companies ship in brown boxes anymore in Park Ridge? Two gifts arrived today in just their product boxes. Luckily recipients didn’t see.

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Thanks for everyone’s generous contribution of Beanie Babies for Operation Christmas Child in Park Ridge! We had an abundance! We are still collecting shoeboxes until Monday, November 19th! Check out southparkchurch. org to find out specific collection times and packing ideas. We have empty shoeboxes that...

3 months ago on 11/10/2018 at 6:45 PM

Does anyone need moving boxes nearby Park Ridge? I have five large ones available for porch pick up

3 months ago on 11/10/2018 at 3:05 PM

I need shoeboxes to pack for samaritans purse nearby Park Ridge. I overbought and have enough to pack two more shoe boxes but i do not have boxes. Anyone have any nearby?

3 months ago on 11/01/2018 at 8:16 AM

If anyone is looking to donate their Halloween candy around Park Ridge. 16TH DISTRICT CANDY DRIVE: PLEASE SHARE NOVEMBER 1 - NOVEMBER 16 In response to a facebook post back in 2015 about a request for candy to send overseas to U. S. Airmen by Melissa Brunelli, we collecte...

3 months ago on 10/30/2018 at 1:27 PM

Does anyone know what utility is responsible for these boxes in Park Ridge. We have two on our parkway and they look abandoned, door left open, no locks on them anymore. I would love to have them removed if they are no longer using them.

3 months ago on 10/28/2018 at 12:57 PM

Guys, you ROCK! Bandaids started coming in close to Park Ridge. I wasn't ready for such a great turn out and all you, wanted to help my daughter Daniela to celebrate her 6th re-birthday. I'm crying of happiness for such a wonderful people like you all. Thank you, ...

3 months ago on 10/24/2018 at 8:42 PM

On the hunt for a Cub or Boy Scout uniform (maybe a size 12 or 14) needed for a Halloween costume by Park Ridge. Also, looking for anyone that has a few boxes of Thin Mints laying around they would like to sell. Thank you so much! ✌️

4 months ago on 10/23/2018 at 5:52 PM

Anyone know where I can donate a couple boxes of size 1 diapers (Honest brand and Pampers) close to Park Ridge? There is easily a month's supply worth that I won't be using, would prefer to donate or give to a family in need. Thanks!

4 months ago on 10/23/2018 at 12:20 PM

Anyone local interested in helping again with this event around Park Ridge. I did it last year and there were some great souls on this page that helped out. I am doing a day of santa pictures for 10 families who have/are faced pediatric cancer. The families do not know but th...

4 months ago on 10/20/2018 at 8:16 AM