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Need advice! My eight year old's skin is constantly peeling in Park Ridge. It used to happen only during winter and doc suggested applying thick healing cream. It worked, but we are nowhere near winter and his skin is peeling again. It's painful to him. Any suggestions on wh...

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Ok ladies. i’m finding my regular face moisturizer and cream is just not cutting it anymore in Park Ridge. skin is so dry and dull. what’s your favorite products you all use. Thanks

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I know this has been asked before near Park Ridge. My 7 yr old has an extreme case of eczema on both hands. What hand soap and lotion works the best? Thanks

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What eczema skin cream works for your kids with severe skin issues in Park Ridge? We've had many hydrocortisone prescriptions with increasing strengths over the years that still aren't working, so wanted to see what's on the market that works for others. My most recent find through...

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Baby mommas. my 1 year old has a bad diaper rash near Park Ridge. yackman wouldn't call in a Rx cream. and no appt until tuesday. Whats the best?

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Quick question: A Friend who is certified in asbestos is thinking of moving to Chicago in Park Ridge. Does anyone know if the certification will transfer with or do they have to become re-certified? Thanks.

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