2 years ago on 04/22/2020 at 2:12 PM

Thanks to all who responded to my post regarding if anyone had heard of people coming off ventilator near Park Ridge. My friends husband is responding well and the doctors are pleased. Even gave a thumbs up. (I know this could be up and down. I know peeps/groups are sending restaurant meals to the hospitals locally. How do you do that? I can't afford much, but would like to send something to University of Chicago Hospital for his nurses. I was thinking simple like. Cora's Toffee. But is the sharing food thing an issue?. the Candy is in a candy box. I just picture reaching. etc . Any ideas from medical staff or families on something modest (under $100) that I could send? I am sending headbands too. How many people do i need to consider. I really want to thank the nurses and doctors and support the family. Ideas appreciated so very much!


2 years ago on 04/22/2020 at 2:20 PM

That's wonderful news

2 years ago on 04/22/2020 at 2:29 PM
2 years ago on 04/22/2020 at 7:35 PM

Consider the hospital pharmacists?