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Hello Parents, We understand the news of our loca... | Park Ridge Chat
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2 years ago on 03/13/2020 at 1:51 PM

Hello Parents, We understand the news of our local schools being closed is very stressful in Park Ridge. As working parents ourselves, having a safe place to put our kids while we still have to go to work is incredibly important. We are trying to help alleviate some stress and offer an option for your children at All Around Gymnastics during the day while you go to work. We will be going ahead with running daily day camps during these school closures. Registration is open online now however spots will be limited due to staff-needs. We have also decided to decrease the cost of camp from the original amount stated of $20. To offer more people the opportunity to attend, they will be $15 each, and $12 for siblings. (the online system will charge $15 for all, we need to go back in and manually adjust if you have more than one child) REGISTRATION IS OPEN ONLINE THROUGH THE EVENTS CALENDAR. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE. YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER AT THE FRONT DESK. A CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED ON FILE AND WILL BE CHARGED AFTER REGISTRATION. *Cost: $15/student per day, $12 for additional siblings. *Times: 9:00a-4:00pm. Drop off starts 8:30a. Early drop off starts at 7:45a for additional $5. *Students must bring a sack lunch with them, and any other snacks/drinks they want. They may also bring money to buy snacks. *Students should bring their backpack, homework, Online Learning, books for reading time. We will have guided school work time. Staff will not be teaching, however they will be available for help while kids complete their assignments from school. *Guided homework time, reading time, structured gymnastics class time, open gym time, movie time, craft time. We will do our best to keep the day moving and engaging for the kids while they are with us. **Students will have their temperature taken at drop off. Any student with sniffles, cough, sneezing, not feeling well, or temperature greater than 99. 4 will not be allowed to participate that day. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S TEMPERATURES AT HOME FIRST BEFORE COMING IN! As this is quickly evolving, we will be emailing and posting any updates on Facebook. When contacting us, we ask that you remain calm and be reasonable with your questions/requests. we too have our two children at the gym and hold the same standards for your children as we do for our own. We are not perfect at AAG, but we are doing what we can to help out the community in this incredibly stressful time. If anyone has suggestions on ways to make things smoother, we are all ears! Gymnastically Yours, Daria, Mike and the whole AAG Staff

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