1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 6:43 PM

Has anyone personally or had a family member go through a spinal laminectomy in Park Ridge? Interested in hearing your experiences. Feel free to PM me if you have any feedback. Thank you!


1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 6:50 PM

I work as a neurophysiologist on all sorts of spine cases throughout chicago - feel free to ask me any questions you may have - perhaps I can help?

1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 7:33 PM

I had a microdiscectomy. Half my disk not only came out, but half of it shattered into 39 pieces. L5 S1. Had surgery in the beginning of september. I have nerve damage and the whole right side of my right leg is numb as is my foot and 2 toes, not because of the surgery but because of the nerve damage from the broken pieces. I didn't even have to do PT. I know it's not exactly what you asked about but it's close. good luck. Just make sure you go to a Neuro and not just an orthopedic. Dr. Ruge and Dr. Kellogg at Lutheran did mine. They also just did that amazing surgery on that baby from the Ivory Coast with a parasitic twin. Good luck!

1 year ago on 03/23/2017 at 10:14 PM

Yes I have. I have had 7 lumbar surgeries. If I can help feel free to ask or message me.