Having your ducts cleaned is a great idea in Park Ridge.
2 years ago on 02/18/2017 at 1:48 PM

Having your ducts cleaned is a great idea in Park Ridge. Most people are now aware that indoor air quality is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. Because you know that air ducts get dirty over time and need to be occasionally serviced, it just makes good sense as a homeowner to give your system a good air duct cleaning. In this tough economy, families struggle to make ends meet, and they sometimes will compromise quality over price. Lately, an increasing number of “fly by night” air duct cleaning businesses are popping up offering services for sensationally low prices. We have all seen the ads whether it be in the news paper or in your local coupon mailers. Air duct cleaning offered for $49 or lower to clean the entire home. The purpose of these coupons is to bait the customer with very low prices. Anywhere from $49 to as low as $29 to supposedly clean the air ducts in the entire home. Once the service tech arrive his scam begins, and they start to sell you on unwanted products and services. This puts the consumer in an awkward position because he now has the service tech there at his home or office and has taken time out of his day to get the service done. The list of "up sells" goes on and on and next thing you know your $29 bill is now far inflated from its original price. At Before & After Air Care, honesty in business is our first priority. We take pride in our profession and strive to offer the best service possible. We stand behind our work, and will treat your home the same way we’d treat our own. Our service professionals will provide you with the absolute highest quality work. Give us a call 224-993-3828 to schedule an appointment! We are available 7 days a week!