3 years ago on 02/06/2016 at 7:30 PM

Earlier today I searched the group for recommendations on Mexican food and a few people mentioned Moms old recipe on Milwaukee in Chicago in Park Ridge. Since that's close to our house, we went to check it out tonight. My husband was skeptical because the hours online said it was open until 3am. He said "you sure this isn't some late night drunk food place? " Well he was wrong. This place is FANTASTIC! It's super cute inside, the food is so good and appears rather authentic, excellent service, and very family and kid friendly. We brought our 2 year old and there were a bunch of other kids there too, his age and older. And when he insisted to try to spicy salsa and freaked out when he had some (because it was too spicy), the staff brought rice and milk to calm him down. Wonderful place, highly recommend and we will be back soon!