For those that were asking about this, here's an old video that captures Howard Frimark expressing his concerns about the Des Plaines casino and his request for compensation nearby Park Ridge.
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Someone on another thread was asking about Park Ridge missing out on money from the casino. My loose interpretation, I didn't live here at the time, is that Park Ridge had the opportunity to request compensation before the gaming board approved the license. Instead, they waited until the license was approved and made a strange appeal to the gaming board/Rivers (? ) after it was too late. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I also believe that no one that is currently on the city council was on the council at that time.

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Charles Melidosian I had forgotten about this. Still pretty funny.


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We can learn from history.

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Yet, Lucas Fuksa has Howard Frimark as one of his campaign supporters/advisors! If we're not careful, the past could repeat itself!

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Who voted against the casino? Did the town as a whole vote or No? I can't remember


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ALL the surrounding suburbs voted no before the Casino was even built. It was envisioned to be like the casino in Elgin and no one wanted that especially so close to our high school. Hindsight is 20/20.

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Thank you Charles Melidosian

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What official vote was there? At my age, I honestly can't recall one. If all the surrounding suburbs voted no, how did the casino get built? The City of Park Ridge doesn't get to stop the State from putting a Casino in Des Plaines, just like they have little power to prevent heavy rains from falling or the powerful City of Chicago flying planes over our heads. All I remember is Howard looking for a handout after the fact and we were told no because we were not at the disadvantaged level of others who deserved some revenue. Bottom line for me is Park Ridge has taken care of themselves without casino money, dramatically improved what they spend their money on with extreme transparency, worked with city staff to consistently improve customer service levels (always more room for improvement), alleviated a fair amount of TIF debt created when Mr. Frimark was in elected office and been able to generate a lot of new welcomed retail business. On that note, adding retail mathematically moves the city's income by a relatively small fraction. The educated know retail doesn't make a dent one's overall property tax bill. Now that we have the retail people were clamoring for, we have residents complaining about increased traffic and not enough parking spaces - some say those are good problems to have. For those still hanging onto their door-to-door complaints about high property taxes, they need to look to the school boards to fix that problem. Those here on Facebook hopefully have learned by now that the City of Park Ridge even recently lowered the taxes asked for from the residents. Long way of saying I support Acting Mayor Marty Maloney who helped lead us in this positive direction. Thank you Marty Maloney. If anyone wants a Marty Maloney yard sign, let me know. For those that have his opponent's yard sign, I welcome an educated conversation at Starbucks, Blue Ridge, Whole Foods, Harp and Fiddle, Beer on the Wall, Shakou, Pickwick, Holts, etc. to debate who you really should vote for to lead the City of Park Ridge as Mayor for the next four years. Voting for Fukska is like voting for Frimark.


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Each city not people of the city's were given 1 chance to vote for or against the casino. It was going to be built either way but if you did not support it your city would not receive revenue from it. The city's thought if they stood together in alliance there might have been a chance for it not to have been built. Our city council made the decision for us back when.

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Can anyone explain the Uptown TIF to me (also before I moved here)? Also, was it similar to what Fuksa wants to do or completely different?

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Park Ridge didn't vote on the casino.

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That is correct. There was never a vote on the casino. You wouldn't know it today, but Park Ridge was a historically conservative town. It was totally dry until the 80's and there were no drinks served without food until the the late 90's. They started talking about a casino in Rosemont in the mid 90's. At that time there was a lot of talk about mob connections and evils of gambling and the associated crime that scared the heck out of many residents in this town as well as Des Plaines. Des Plaines even voted to not allow gambling in their town in the 90's. Money was promised to towns that got behind the casino, but Park Ridge stood firm because that was the kind of town it was back then. Fast forward a few year, Rosemont is turned down for the casino license and low and behold Des Plaines raises their hand to host that casino that Rosemont couldn't get. We may have missed out on money from the casino, but we stuck by our values. Today, this may seem ridiculous because gambling is more acceptable than it once was. Unless you lived through it, it is hard to understand.

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Yes I guess I meant because we did not vote yes we were told we would not benefit from the revenue of the casino. I did live through the dry PR.